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About San Francisco

San Francisco, otherwise known as San Pancho is a quaint, non-commercialized resort in Nayarit, Mexico. The stunning beaches are a real favorite with both locals and tourists and would be considered the ideal destination for exploring culture and experiencing total relaxation. Book your San Francisco vacation rental with FlipKey, today.

About San Francisco

San Francisco is located along the pacific coast and is right on the Sierra de Vallejo Reserve. It was first founded in 1524 by the Spanish. During this time, locals had industries in fishing and crop growing which is still evident to this day.

It was during the 1970's when the initial tourist industry came to light, making San Francisco the place it is today. President Luis Echeverria decided to build his vacation home here and intended to make this destination self-sufficient. Over the years, the resort has benefited due to these initial efforts and now tourists come to visit San Francisco throughout the year.

Its quaint aura still contains traditional Mexican vibes in terms of the cultural sights and buildings located around the resort as well as the traditional foods on offer in most restaurants. 

What to do

If you're a fan of shopping, you'll be in your element in San Francisco. Most shops contain handmade Mexican gifts and clothing which are extremely unique in style.

There are very regular art appreciation events which take place regularly within the resort.. There is also an annual music festival.

The local beaches are a real favorite with both locals and tourists, with many choosing to go surfing on the soft waves or even snorkeling. The stretch is approximately a 15-minute walk from one side to the other and is a perfect beach for families are there isn't a great deal of current.

You may also decide to go horseback riding to see the true beauty of San Francisco. By doing so, you'll be sure to spot the surrounding mountains and travel through white sands.

Top San Francisco travel tips

There are several buses which travel around the resort at extremely cheap prices and may be the best way to get around, but you may also decide on a car rental out of ease.

More than just a beach vacation, San Francisco offers culture, activity and exquisite nature which is all waiting to be explored. Whether you intend to travel as a couple or a family, there is truly something for everyone. Book your vacation rental in San Francisco, Nayarit with FlipKey, today.