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About San Pedro

"Welcome to San Pedro, where you won't be a stranger for long" is a familiar sign you will see once you arrive here in the heart of Ambergris Caye, Belize. If you're after a relaxing vacation, then start with FlipKey to find the perfect rental property that will allow you to have a trip you’ll never forget.

About San Pedro

Although sometimes the whole island is called San Pedro, San Pedro is actually found in the southern part of Ambergris Caye in Belize.

Belize's largest island has a history dating back to the Maya, where they originally used it as a trading post. With trading routes between Yucatán in the North and Honduras in the Spain, the island was the perfect spot.

The people of the island are called 'San Pedranos' and speak a mixture of English, Spanish, Creole, and Mayan. If you're after knowledge of their heritage, the islanders are happy to share!

Although tourism is currently the number one industry in San Pedro, it was once a thriving fishing community. Fishing is still a big contributor to the economy with local cuisine showing an emphasis on seafood. Lobster season starts around June, so this would be the best time to visit if you're a fan!

What to do in San Pedro

If diving is your thing, then San Pedro is the ideal spot. There are many dive operators leading tours to over 35 different sites!

Belize's most valuable asset is the Belize Barrier Reef and it is a diver's paradise. You can go to Hol Chan Marine Reserve—Hol Chan is Mayan for "little channel"—where you will be able to visit the inside and outside of the reef. There is also the Great Blue Hole, where you can snorkel for a full day!

If you've exhausted yourself from all the underwater activities, then you can visit the vast arrays of restaurants, bars, and clubs they have in San Pedro. Islanders will often have stalls selling local dishes such as tacos, burritos and rice and beans, as well. Be sure to stop by for a taste of the authentic local fare.

San Pedro is bustling with nightlife and can go on well into the morning hours—evenings are very much a social event!

Top travel tips for San Pedro

The main method of transportation in San Pedro is by golf cart! Aside from walking and biking around, it is not uncommon to find golf carts speeding down the road. Hire one for a fun and fast way to explore.

It's a short twenty-minute flight to San Pedro airport from Belize City Airport, and it's only a short taxi journey into town.

Swap high heels for sandals in San Pedro as the streets are sandy and unpaved! Urgency doesn’t really exist in San Pedro, so you can really take the time to slow down and take in the beautiful sites that you are witnessing.

San Pedro shouts tropical paradise and is full of warm, friendly faces. Spend long days lounging in the sun or swimming with Caribbean reef sharks, and then wrap it all up by relaxing back in your very own FlipKey property! Search for your perfect rental, today!