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About Slade

Slade is the go-to place for climbers looking for an adventure. But, even if climbing isn’t your thing, there's plenty for you to do.

Set up base in one of our Slade vacation rentals and have the trip of a lifetime!

About Slade, Kentucky

Right in the heart of Powell County, Slade is a fantastic place to go for an adventure.

You'll be surrounded by like-minded people (adrenaline junkies mostly) and have lots of opportunities to explore the wilderness.

One of the main attractions for visitors is the Natural Bridge State Resort Park. The views will take your breath away (if you aren’t already breathless from the hike up!) and the natural bridge itself is a must-see.

Climbers flock here to scale the Red River Gorge. You may recognize it from the 2004 documentary movie ‘Red River Ruckus’. Even if you're not a climber, you should check it out during your stay.

Slade, Kentucky is something of an undiscovered gem. So, we say go now while it's still a secret! Enjoy the quiet, peaceful town and the adventures it has to offer.

What to do

First things first, you must explore the Natural Bridge State Resort park.

Follow the trails, or take a guided tour… you'll find out a lot more about the area that way. You can also try climbing and hiking while you're there.

Make sure you see the natural sandstone arched bridge that has stood for centuries. There's nothing else quite like it.

There are fantastic views from almost everywhere in the park. In the summer months, you can take a 'Wildflower Walk' and see the park in all its glory.

If you're up for a bit of fun on the river, go kayaking or canoeing. The water's shallow, which makes it a great option for a family day out.

Then, there's the Kentucky Reptile Zoo. Watch the creatures go about their business while your tour guide tells you all about them. There's snakes, frogs, lizards – even an alligator or two!

You can hold one if you want, or just watch the experts as they extract venom from the snakes. It's a research center, too, so you're sure to learn a lot.

Top Slade travel tips

Slade is just an hour's drive southeast of Lexington on Highway 33. Driving is the best way to get here as it lets you enjoy the scenic view at your own pace as you enter the park.

Don't worry if you don't have any climbing gear. There are plenty of places to rent equipment. If you've never done it before, we suggest taking a few lessons before scaling the inclines. And, remember to pack your walking boots! You're going to need them.

The town itself is a friendly neighborhood that oozes southern hospitality. There are loads of places to eat – just remember to tip well, as gratuity is not included.

For an action-packed rock climbing adventure, you can't go far wrong with Slade, Kentucky. Grab your Slade vacation rental on FlipKey and get going!