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Located in the beautiful countryside of Umbria, the town of Spoleto is celebrated for its amazing historical sites and its modern-day arts and culture. Visit the many Roman and medieval structures, including churches, a fortress, an aqueduct, and an amphitheater while you are here. Or, enjoy the area's musical, theatrical, dance, and operatic performances during the Spoleto Festival, held each summer. Outdoor enthusiasts can take part in a number of activities in Spoleto's lush surroundings, including mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and river rafting, while those looking to stay in the city center will have access to great options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Here are a few additional suggestions of things to do in Spoleto:

  • The Tower's Bridge: Also known as Ponte delle Torri, this bridge was constructed in 1350 AD to ensure easy access to Monteluco.
  • Duomo Spoleto: This cathedral, known as Santa Maria Assunta, is best viewed from the top of the steps that lead into its namesake piazza. The decor is exquisite. It features a Romanesque front, medieval frescos inside, and rose windows. Near the altar, there is also one of the first frescos that utilized the technique of depth perception.
  • Roman Theater: Situated behind the former church of St. Agatha, this ancient structure is now home to the National Archeological Museum.
  • La Rocca Albornoziana: This fortress is situated at the top of the hill of St. Elias, and it is an important landmark for the town. It overlooks Spoleto, and the castle is a big draw for many visitors.
  • The Church of St. Peter: With origins dating back to the 5th century, this church is a spectacular structure to see. It features a decorative facade that showcases various symbols of important saints, such as an eagle for St. John, as well as several scenes from the New Testament and assorted fairytales.

A vacation rental in Spoleto is the ideal home away from home for travelers. Even though the city is full of amazing historical sites, your condo will definitely feel modern with all of the amenities provided.