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About Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a favorite destination for Filipinos and tourists who want to escape the searing heat of Manila in May. This destination is packed with things to do, highlights including visiting Taal Lake where you can do water-sports and explore the volcanic island. Search the vacation rentals available on FlipKey for the perfect place to put you in the heart of it all.

About Tagaytay

The Philippines were colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century. Manila was founded in 1571. Later the Chinese arrived, trading silk for silver mined in Mexico. In precolonial times the Philippines had a rich culture, with many festivals, involving theatrical performances, singing and dancing. 

Much of this tradition survives to this day. If you visit in May, go to the Pilipinyahan summer festival which celebrates the pineapple. It's an important fruit in the Philippines.

Try Lechón—a traditional dish of roasted pig, or piglet, served with a sweet sauce, often featuring liver and apple cider vinegar. You will probably have it with a mountain of garlic rice which seems to go with everything.

Tagaytay has unique views. Take a boat and then hike up the volcano. When you peer into the crater you'll see a lake. It's truly astonishing and is not to be missed on a trip here!

What to do in Tagaytay

As well as the Pilipinyahan summer festival in May, there are other celebrations to take part in such as the Flores de Mayo or Santacruzan festivals. Whether or not you believe (or even understand!) the mythical history behind these events isn’t important—they’re simply wonderful days out!

Of course, you should visit the volcano island in Lake Taal. You can take great photos of it from a distance from the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. Ride the zipline or take a cable car for spectacular views.

The People's Park in the Sky, on top of Mount Sungay, was intended to be part of Imelda Marcos' mansion. It was never finished, so now the grounds are open to the public. Like the Picnic Grove it has wonderful views.

If you are traveling with kids, take them to the Paradizoo, where they can see and pet llamas, camels, miniature horses and ostriches, among other animals.

Top travel tips for Tagaytay

One of the more interesting ways of getting around Tagaytay is by jeepney. These were originally converted US military jeeps that were abandoned after World War II.

Trikes (motorbikes with a carriage), are popular, but they are more expensive than jeepneys.

If you eat in a restaurant, check the bill to see if a service charge (SC) is included. If it isn't, then 10 % is the usual tip. If you pay by credit card, leave a cash tip.

Taal Lake and the still-active volcano are not to be missed. It is very relaxing and you can ride (by horse) up the volcano if you prefer not to hike. For a truly memorable gastronomic and sight-seeing experience, book your trip to Tagaytay now and find your perfect vacation rental with FlipKey.