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About Taipei

As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei is a vibrant city packed with action and adventure. Enjoy the bustle of daily life alongside some incredible tourist attractions. As one of the most magical cities on FlipKey, a trip here is more than satisfying.

From the buzzing nightlife to engaging cultural heritage, Taipei is a destination that’s waiting to be explored.

About Taipei

Taipei offers a warm and friendly welcome. Since being discovered by the Han Chinese, the city has blossomed into a hub of businesses, tourists and residential homes. For many travelers, the nightlife is what attracts thrill-seekers to the area. However, it’s only one gem in its crown.

If you‘re going to visit the city, the best time to visit is during winter when the weather is slightly cooler. However, the area is a great place to visit all year round.

The climate in Taipei can be very warm and humid, especially during summer months. There is no mild climate but temperatures are cooler between October to December. There can be plenty of rain, especially in September, so pack an umbrella is advised.

What to do

The city boasts many activities for travelers to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for cultural hotspots or somewhere to eat, there is plenty on offer. The National Palace Museum hosts some of the best artworks in China from paintings to ceramics. Check it out!

If you want to go shopping, Dihua Street is one of the best places to visit. Famous for its fabric market, cafes, art studios, restaurants and antique shops, you’ll find plenty to spend your money on.

The delicious dishes in the region are an incredible treat. Lan Jia boasts tasty Thai cuisine, while you’ll find vegan meals at Ooh Cha Cha – yummy salads and rice bowls are a highlight! Alternatively, head to RAW which offers modern French cuisine… note: you’ll need to book a month in advance as its hugely popular!

Top Taipei travel tips

Travel to Taipei via Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. From here, it’s a 39-minute drive to the city. Grab a taxi or bus to get to your hotel. A taxi is fairly cheap and you won’t be required to book beforehand.

Alternatively, grab a train to Taipei Main Station. There’s a shuttle bus every 15 minutes to Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station and from here you can grab a direct train.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, exploration, or an active retreat, Taipei is a city that offers many attractions for travelers to enjoy. And with FlipKey's variety of Taipei vacation rentals to suit all budgets, you'll never want to leave! With incredible food options, cultural highlights and plenty of transport links, it's no surprise that this is a city of dreams.