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About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a young city compared to its counterparts in the remainder of Israel. The city was established in the early 1900s, and since that time it has managed to maintain its youthful, modern, and cosmopolitan charm. However, Tel Aviv does also have significant historical sites, such as the Independence Hall Museum and Old Jaffa's boardwalk. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy plenty of activities in the beautiful surroundings while culture lovers take advantage of the arts, entertainment, and fine dining that Tel Aviv offers.

Some of the sights you will definitely want to see include:

  • Habima Square: This is a critical cultural area of Tel Aviv. Here you will find the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, the Mann Auditorium, and the Habima Theatre.
  • Bet Bialik Museum: Situated in the home of Israel's national poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik, this museum includes 94 books that he penned. Visitors will also find translations of these works in 28 languages.
  • Dizengoff Street: Here you will find numerous art galleries, boutiques, cafes, shops, and wine bars to enjoy during the day and in the evening.
  • Ramses II's Gate Garden: Located in the park area of Jaffa, this archeological site dates back to the time of Ramses II. The Gate is inscribed with hieroglyphics and there are a number of other artifacts for visitors to view here as well.
  • Clock Tour: Just a short walk from Tel Aviv's center near the entry to Jaffa, Clock Tour is known for great Tel Aviv shopping as it features large stores as well as smaller unique shops and flea markets.

Those who are exhausted from sightseeing should head to a spa in Tel Aviv while those who enjoy evening activity after the sun goes down should explore the buzzing nightlife in Tel Aviv. At the end of a busy day, retreat to your Tel Aviv vacation rental. An apartment near the city center or a condo situated on its outskirts offer all the amenities you need in breathtaking surroundings that can't be beat.