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Tokyo is celebrated around the globe for its modern landscape and cosmopolitan offerings. It features a buzzing array of neon lights, skyscrapers, large shopping complexes, and numerous bars and clubs. However, Tokyo is also home to several temples and shrines which help temper the city's bustling pace. While you are here, be sure to visit the Tokyo Grand Palace and the Tokyo Ghibli Museum, both offer amazing glimpses into the country's history and culture.

Some of the other attractions you will not want to miss include:

  • Sensoji Temple: Situated in the Asakusa district, this beautiful temple was constructed based on a legend. Allegedly, two brothers tried to return a statue of the god of mercy, Kannon, to the Sumida River but the next day it returned to them. This structure was built to honor her.
  • Tokyo National Museum: This world-renowned museum is home to the biggest collection of Japanese artwork and artifacts on the planet. It holds more than 100,000 pieces. With room to display only 4,000 at a time, the exhibitions are constantly rotated.
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum: This museum features architecture and artifacts that tell the story of Tokyo's history. Some of the most fascinating exhibitions include the original Edo Castle and replicas of an ancient Kabuki theater.
  • Tokyo Tower: This is a popular spot for visitors to the city due to the spectacular views you can take in from various levels of the buildings, including a 360 degree vantage of Tokyo and Mt. Fuji.
  • The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace: The Imperial Palace is not open to the public for visits. However, the exquisite gardens located just outside the palace are. They are meticulously tended to and are quite an impressive site to behold.
  • Tokyo Dome City: For travelers searching for a fun way to spend the day in the city, this space offers something for everyone in your group. Both children and adults will enjoy the great shops, rollercoaster rides, restaurants, and live entertainment.

A vacation rental in Tokyo provides you with an insider's view of this world-renowned city. An apartment or condo downtown will bring the bustling activity right to your doorstep while a villa near Tokyo's outskirts will provide an excellent glimpse into Japan's exquisite countryside.