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Virginia is one of those rare places where past meets present and north meets south in a blossoming fury of contradictions and beauty. Seeped in history, Virginia is packed with reminders of America's past like Thomas Jefferson's regal home at Monticello and the Shirley Plantation.

The Virginia of today is a lovely, Southern belle with a warm climate year round, delicious southern cooking and unparalleled hospitality. With so many beautiful cities such as Richmond and numerous towns along the Atlantic shores, it is no wonder Virginia is for lovers.

Some of the places you will fall in love with include:

  • Williamsburg: This town is a historian's treasure. With war reenactments, museums and gardens, it gives you a glimpse of a time when the U.S. was gaining its independence.
  • Richmond: As the state capital and one of the oldest cities in the U.S., Richmond offers a variety of attractions. From the historic downtown to Belle Island in the James River, the city has a buzzing nightlife and plenty of culture for all to enjoy.
  • Arlington: Visiting this city is a must when headed to Virginia. It contains some of the U.S.'s most important monuments including Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon and the Iwo Jima Marine Corps War Memorial. The city also offers plenty of dining, cultural, entertainment and shopping opportunities.
  • Alexandria: This quaint town is a great place to check out historical sites, enjoy recreational activities and indulge in excellent dining and shopping options. Alexandria is also home to the Torpedo Factory Art Center, a popular waterfront attraction.
  • Roanoke: Known as the "Star of the South," this charming city showcases scenic surroundings and views from Mill Mountain, where a neon star overlooking the landscape has been lit since 1949. Roanoke is also known for its cultural offerings and assorted outdoor recreational activities.
  • Virginia Beach: This town features a beachside boardwalk that beckons children to run around and enjoy the different sights and sounds. Adults can kick back too while indulging in some freshly caught seafood. If you head to Virginia Beach in September, be sure to check out the Neptune Festival. During this time, the North American Sand Sculpting Championship is determined and travelers can see the short-lived beauties carved from the sand.

Virginia is a very diverse state, so there is always something interesting for travelers to enjoy. To experience the great outdoors, camping in Virginia is the way to go. There are plenty of parks in Virginia to choose from, and Virginia national parks are some of the country's most celebrated. The beauty of these surroundings and all that the state has to offer definitely helps inspire romantic getaways in Virginia, which have been a big commercial success for the state.

Since waterfront areas are immensely popular, a beach vacation rental is always in high demand because a beach rental offers exquisite views that just cannot be beat. A beach condo in particular is a good choice for those who want modern amenities right by the seashore. For visitors who desire something more rustic, a cabin near the woods is a popular pick. No matter where you lay your head, the memories you will make in Virginia will be something you will not soon forget.