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About Wildwood Crest

As part of "The Wildwood" resorts, Wildwood Crest is the quieter borough of the three. It is still popular with families because of its easy going pace! Why not start with FlipKey to find your perfect location to start your family vacation? From villas to romantic retreats, you’ll find the best places to stay.

About Wildwood Crest

Found in Cape May County, Wildwood Crest, alongside its neighboring towns, makes up "The Wildwood" resort and was named for the wildflowers in the area.

You'll be able to spot Wildwood Crest's distinctive "Doo Wop" architecture, especially in its motels. Wildwood Crest is a testament to this modern form of architecture.

If you want to sample yummy seafood, then you're in luck! The region's specialty is seafood plucked fresh from the ocean. Head to the Boardwalk to be able to check out a plethora of foods. From funnel cakes to pizza, there is definitely something for you!

With a peaceful atmosphere, Wildwood Crest is the perfect getaway for you. There is plenty this town has to offer including parasailing and dolphin watching!

What to do in Wildwood Crest

Grab an umbrella and head down to Wildwood Crest beach—voted the best beach in New Jersey! Why not relax on beautiful white sand beaches? You can enjoy lots of activities including swimming and boogie boarding. The best part? The beaches are free public access!

Stroll along the Boardwalk—the biggest and best along the Jersey shore. Stretching three miles long, there's nothing you can miss! From amusement parks to hearing live music, there is always something going on.

Don't miss out on a beautiful sunset setting over at Sunset Lake. Located on the bayside in Wildwood Crest, you should get there for 8 p.m. Relax with food and drink whilst watching the sun disappear behind the lake.

Be sure to end your vacation by posing in front of the famous "Wildwoods" sign. Famous for its oversized letters and beach balls, everyone will know you visited Wildwood Crest!

Top travel tips for Wildwood Crest

Free outdoor concerts are available at night, be sure to check out the gazebo on Rambler Road and the beach.

To make the most of the Boardwalk, why not take the tram car to the end and then walk back to the start?

If you enjoy fishing, then be sure to visit early April when fishing season starts. You'll find plenty of boats leaving Wildwood Crest's ports daily!

If you're here on a family vacation or flying solo then Wildwood Crest has everything you need to enjoy yourself! Why not check out FlipKey's list of properties so you can find the perfect place to relax after a long day at the beach? It’ll be the best place to stay on an unforgettable vacation!