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About Yucatan Peninsula

Dividing the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, this beautiful peninsula is a haven of white sandy beaches and reef-laden tropical waters. There are lush rainforests to trek in and ancient Mayan architecture to marvel at. Make sure you don't miss out by booking your Yucatan Peninsula vacation rental on FlipKey.

About the Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan possesses some amazing natural wonders such as its underwater reef wall and jewel-colored marine life, together with its wildlife, bird and insect-filled rainforests and national parks. Then there are those gorgeous golden beaches.

The Mayan lifestyle and beliefs are celebrated more in this peninsula than any other part of Mexico, and in its capital Merida in particular. In fact, the Mayan language is still the mother tongue of many in Yucatan.

You can get an idea of how the ancient Maya civilizations worshipped, lived and work by visiting some of the Peninsula's many historic relics (and which today have become treasured UNESCO World Heritage sites).

The cuisine of the region centers around marinated pork, and a red paste made from a spice called achiote. Pumpkin seeds, banana leaves and limes also feature heavily.

What to do

Stop off at Cancun. The top tourist attraction for Mexico as a whole, it boasts truly stunning yellow beaches, turquoise seas and superb sun-worshipping weather.

Get some history under your belt by visiting the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza. From pyramids to fortresses and truly stunning temples, there's enough to go exploring for days.

Soak up the peninsula's culture in its capital Merida where 60% of residents are of Mayan ethnicity, which is celebrated with great fanfare during the Day of the Dead festivities on November 1 and 2. Don't miss the modern sculpture in the Paseo de Montejo or a Yucatan Symphony Orchestra concert.

Dive and snorkel amongst the coral reefs on the island of Cozumel. Later, go walking in the rain forest or clubbing at one of the island's bars then get the ferry back to Cancún or Playa del Carmen the next morning.

Top Yucatan Peninsula travel tips

The best time to head to Yucatan is between December and April when it's mostly warm and dry. July and August are often too humid, while September to November is the rainy season, with hurricanes.

Bus travel around the Peninsula is comfortable and reasonably priced. Most cities and towns have a main bus station with Class 1 buses. Class 2 buses aren't always air-conditioned and work out around 20 per cent cheaper.

Until recently, a relatively isolated spot of Mexico, this Peninsula feels like a country in its own right, thanks to its unique language, culture and the general outlook of those who live there. Go explore for yourself while staying in one of the Yucatan Peninsula vacation rentals we have to offer.