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I arrived on my scheduled day (night) - I had called 2 times to say that I was going to be arriving late. Great Western Lodging stated they would put the keys in the late arrival box. When I arrived - there were no keys for my unit. I called the emergency number - there was no answer. I went to the main desk at the hotel and they were able to make keys for me. I went to Great Western Lodging office the next day to get my regular keys. They stated that they had given them to my "mother". My mother was not even scheduled to come in... Then they told me they had given them to another family member. That was not the case either.
Then my daughter came in (late and with a sick child). We had gotten her keys in anticipation. When we went to get her in her unit, the keys did not work!!!. Great Western Lodging stated that we must have put the keys next to a cell phone - in fact, they had been in the same envelope from the time we got them to the time we tried to get into the unit. I again had to go to the front desk for a set of keys.
During our stay - there were at least 4 keys that all of a sudden decided not to work... We are not idiots - we know that putting them next to a cell phone will cause them to not work..We were very careful not to do that.
I felt that every time there was an issue, it was my fault... not sure what I did to: 1. not have the keys in the "after hours" box the first night or 2. have the keys not work in my daughters room (when they were in the welcome envelope the whole time)

· By Rhonda M. from Seattle, WA on 9/13/2012 for a stay in August 2012 at

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Manager Response to Rhonda M.

Dear Rhonda-

Thank you for your review! We always like to hear from our guests and this is great information for us to make sure that our units are getting the attention needed and guest’s are experiencing exceptional customer service.

I wanted to apologize for the confusion surrounding you and the guests with the wedding party. With so many units under the same names and family members checking in for different units, our front desk got incredibly confused and I sincerely apologize for everything that occurred. The Bride is a dear friend and colleague and we all wanted to do everything we could for her family, unfortunately it did not work out as we hoped.

The issues with the keys is definitely concerning and we have reprogrammed all of our Main Street Station keys to ensure they all work for future guests.

Your review of your stay in Main Street Station #1503 is greatly appreciated and please let me know if there is anything I can assist with for your next trip to Breckenridge!


V. Peyton Rogers
Director of Sales
Great Western Lodging