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About Island of Gozo

Sister island to Malta, Gozo is a warm and sunny Mediterranean island where you can truly relax and leave your worries behind. Whether it is a small house or a villa rental, FlipKey has the perfect accommodation waiting for you.

About Island of Gozo, Malta

Located in the central Mediterranean – halfway between Sicily and the North African coast – Gozo is only a 25-minute ferry ride from the main island of Malta.

Shaped like a large circle with flat-topped hills, the entire island is almost entirely surrounded by cliffs. Greener than Malta thanks to a layer of clay that prevents the rainwater from rapidly soaking into the earth, Gozo is a rural place where most of its inhabitants either work the land or fish.

Despite the main town on the island being renamed Victoria in honor of the 1897 Queen’s jubilee, the town’s residents still use Rabat, its Arab name.

Gozo prides itself on having no serious crime and is safe to walk about night or day with some villages still having a custom of leaving their keys in the door for all to see.

What to do on the island of Gozo

With tranquility reigning supreme on Gozo, there really is not too much to do other than walking or cycling around the island. You can also enjoy the food! It’s good, rustic Maltese staples of fish and locally-grown salads that include some of the tastiest tomatoes you will ever eat.

As such a small island, it doesn’t have miles and miles of beach. But if you look hard you, one of the most beautiful is a miniature bay called Ramla, which has golden sand and water so blue you’ll think your eyes are playing tricks on you.

On a hilltop near the village of Xaghra, you will find one the oldest freestanding structures on the planet—two temple stones dating back over 5,000 years that locals believe were placed there by giants. If you feel the need for a bit more excitement, you can always pop over to Malta and explore all it has to offer before catching an early evening ferry back to Gozo.

Top travel tips for Gozo island

The best time to visit Gozo is during the summer between May and September, as everything to see and do (other than admiring the island’s beautiful churches) is located outside.

For people-watching, hang out at one of the many bars and restaurants in Mgarr harbor – a former fishing port that has been taken over by tourists arriving from Malta.

The standard of the cooking on Gozo is so good that Maltese locals come over on the ferry just to have lunch.

To find the best accessible places to go swimming, take a ride in a traditional Gozo boat called luzzu and ask the driver to show you his favorite places.

The people of Gozo will charm you with their laissez-faire attitude to life on an island that is perfect for family vacations or people looking to escape the crowds. To find somewhere really special to stay during your trip, browse FlipKey’s range of vacation rentals. With options ranging from a village house to a villa with a pool, you’ll find your perfect place.