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About Jomtien Beach

Around 6km of sandy beach with green palm trees swaying in the breeze and the smell of culinary delights from nearby restaurants, Jomtien Beach is a favorite spot for expats to retire to and vacationers to enjoy. Find yourself a FlipKey rental to relax in and you’ll be guaranteed an experience to remember.

About Jomtien Beach, Thailand

Once simply paddy fields, Jomtien Beach (or Chom Tien as the road signs proclaim) has grown in size and popularity since the 1980s.

Thappraya Road, the main link between Jomtien and Pattaya, has benefited from all the development – most of it within the past decade or so – with a huge influx of upscale restaurants now located there. You’ll also find plenty of bars nearby – 100 at the last count.

Jomtien Beach is less expensive than Pattaya and has fewer tourists, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for the classic magazine cover Thai scenery without the crowds. Even the nightlife is quieter. Its beach has mixed reviews in terms of cleanliness, but it’s certainly rated far higher than that of its larger neighbor. It’s also more liberal than Pattaya beach: Dongtan, a section measuring 265 meters long, is a designated gay beach.

What to do in Jomtien Beach, Thailand

If you like your water sports, then you’ve come to the right place! But you can also relax to the max by dining at the beach—you’ll be waited on hand and foot. And if you get bored with that, just call over a beach masseuse. Or maybe you prefer a manicure? This certainly is first class beach living!

Take in some culture by visiting Wat Yansangwararam. Built just 40 years ago, the temple belongs to the King of Thailand and is the most famous in the region.

When you go to Jomtien Beach, be sure not to miss the Floating Market. You’ll have to get around by taking to the water in a rowing boat: an experience in itself.

Another great activity to try is a 45-minute speedboat ride to Koh Larn where you can marvel at the crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches. Measuring just four miles square, this gorgeous island has three beautiful beaches of its own.

Top travel tips for Jomtien Beach

For a traditional Thai meal with plenty of spice, head for the open air restaurants at the south side of Jomtien. These cater more for locals than tourists so you’re guaranteed an authentic experience.

Reach Jomtien by public bus from Bangkok or other major cities in Thailand. Once in Jomtien Beach, you’re best to travel around by mini bus (called a baht). You can share these buses – which have no timetable but, like taxis, merely cruise the roads – with other tourists, so that the cost per person is reduced. This makes them super affordable transport.

This town, which sits on the Gulf of Thailand around 3km south of noisy and touristy Pattaya, is a bit of a haven if you're looking to steer clear of noise, nightlife and general excess. It's still reasonably vibrant but in a pastel rather than a bold shade. And rest assured - FlipKey will have a rental the right color for you!