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Asia is home to every conceivable landscape in which humans have been able carve out a living, from the breathless cloud-enshrouded Himalayan mountains of Tibet to the lush green canals of Kerala, India. The history of Asia is arguably the history of the world, and the monuments and historic sites you may find here include carved tablets and pagan temples in Armenia that predate Babylon, and the Great Wall of China, one of the few human structures that can be seen with the naked eye from space.

Asia is also home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. A visit to South Korea will reveal a stunningly harmonious clash between tradition and progress. The buildings, restaurants, businesses, and even clothing in the streets are all in a state of near constant change while the art and architecture of Asia, in some cases, are informed by traditions thousands of years old.

Here are a few reasons to visit Asia:

  • The landscape: Visit Malaysia and hike through the oldest rainforest ecosystem in the world.
  • The spirituality: Release a dove from the walls of an ancient monastery in Armenia.
  • The historical sites: See temples and monuments in Turkmenistan that predate recorded history.
  • The art and architecture: Visit the temples of Angkor Wat, among the most photographed structures in the world.
  • The exotic and timeless cuisine: Sample the unforgettable curries of southern India.

Almost anywhere you can travel in Asia, you can find a place to stay. If you decide to visit multiple countries on the same trip, book a vacation rental in each destination. It may not be possible to visit all of Asia in one trip or even one lifetime, but the best way to see the sights and experience the culture in any given location is to find an affordable rental property and stay for a while.