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About China

The People’s Republic of China, located in East Asia is full of equal parts mystery and beauty. The third largest country in the world, China has a variety of terrain, climates, resources, plants, and animals. The history of China is long and storied, and serves as one of its main draws for tourism. The Chinese have a rich culture of philosophy and the arts. The “four great inventions” of China are paper, gunpowder, printing, and the compass - pretty influential, right? Let’s not forget about Chinese cuisine, which is enjoyed all around the world. There are 1.3 BILLION (with a B) people living in China currently, with most speaking the official language of Mandarin. They also have the fastest growing economy in the world.

Hong Kong: You must see Victoria Peak and Man Mo Temple when you visit, the highest point in Hong Kong and one of its oldest temples, respectively. Tian Tan Buddha is another landmark on top of a hill to see, while the Temple Street Night Market is buzzing as the lights go down. It is a multi-cultural area that blends Chinese, English, and other traditions into one city.

Beijing: The capital of China, Beijing, introduced itself on a global level during the 2008 Summer Olympics. It is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, offering China's most wonderful array of attractions. No other city in the nation attracts more travelers. Enjoy a Peking Opera when you’re in the area, and try the Roast Duck, the best known dish. Relax at a tea house if you can. The real reason you’re probably in Beijing is to see The Great Wall of China. Explore on your own or take a tour if you can, that way you can truly appreciate one of the Wonders of the World. Stop by the Forbidden City or Tiananmen Square to see more living history.

Shanghai: One of the largest economic centers in Asia, Shanghai (“Hu” for short) continues to grow on a yearly basis. It is also one of the largest seaports (and was one of the first to be open to Western trade) and has many industrial projects ongoing too. Located on an estuary in the Yangtze River, Shanghai is a molding of the old and the new, the western and the eastern. Be sure to visit the Shanghai Museum for a collection of historic artifacts that rival any museum in China. Be sure to rent a bicycle during your stay so you can get around like the locals do and avoid the traffic and subways.

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