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Key Colony Beach is a perfect family vacation destination and a Florida beach lover's paradise. Every year, visitors from all over the country come here to experience laid back Florida hospitality, unforgettable seafood, and plenty of upscale shopping, art galleries, and scenic hiking and biking trails that wind along the beautiful Florida coast. But what makes Key Colony Beach stand out from the surrounding beach destinations in the area is its opportunities for underwater adventure. Snorkeling and diving opportunities here are truly world-class, and serious divers have come here for years to experience Key Colony's stunning offshore marine habitats.

If you're planning a visit to Key Colony Beach, make the most of your trip by staying in a private vacation rental of your own. A vacation rental can be less expensive than a hotel and can offer all the amenities you need to host your family and friends and enough space to store your beach gear. Leave your ocean condo in the morning and head for the shore. Spend the day exploring the reefs or relaxing on the beach. Then come home at night and host a barbeque on your private deck or sit by a campfire on the beach.

Here are a few additional activities for your trip:

  • Visit Sombrero Reef: If you prefer snorkeling to diving, Sombrero Reef may be an excellent place to see beautiful reefs of spur and groove coral close to the surface.
  • See the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center: This extensive bird sanctuary takes in and treats injured birds from all over the Florida coast including rare and endangered species.
  • Explore the Thunderbolt: Serious scuba divers won't want to miss this enormous wrecked ship just off the coast of Key Colony Beach.
  • Hike the trails of the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge: Hike or bike the trails of this nature sanctuary and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Great White Heron, America's largest wading bird.
  • Visit Christ of the Deep: Deep under the blue waters of the Key Largo Marine Sanctuary lies a 4,000 pound bronze statue of Christ. The famous statue gazes out over a surreal underwater kingdom teeming with colorful fish, coral, and sea stars.
  • Visit the Botanical Garden on Stock Island: This beautiful Stock Island garden is home to a wide variety of native plants and blooming trees.

Find a perfect vacation rental close to your favorite activities and you'll never run out of fun things to see and do in Key Colony Beach. A condo just a few steps away from the ocean can be the perfect place to relax in style and make fun, lasting vacation memories. While you're visiting Key Colony Beach, consider extending your stay and taking day trips to nearby destinations like Key West.