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About Lakeland

If you’re searching for stunning landscapes, beautiful parks and interesting attractions, Lakeland, Florida is the destination for you. Book your vacation rental here on FlipKey and enjoy a magical time as you get closer to nature. Sunshine and stress-free times are only a step away! Pack your suitcase and get ready for a thrilling adventure.

About Lakeland

Lakeland is a popular city in Tampa, Florida. The area has been accommodating residents for 12,000 years and is home to the Circle B Bar Reserve. It was named after the many lakes that are located close to the city.

If you‘re planning on visiting the area, the best time to go is during summer when the weather is hot and its perfect for being outdoors in the natural landscapes. You may find it busy during this time so it’s best to visit attractions early.

Lakeland boasts hot, humid summers. June to August are the hottest months. In winter, temperatures are cooler. Expect rainfall during summer in the form of showers—it’s best to bring an umbrella if you’re planning outdoor pursuits.

What to do

There are a vast range of attractions to experience in Lakeland. Circle B Bar Reserve gives you the chance to get up close to birds, alligators and wild pigs. There are plenty of trails for you to enjoy, as well as the opportunity to have a guided tour of the park.

Elsewhere in Lakeland, take a trip to Hollis Garden and see the beautiful flora or go and visit Lake Mirror which is next door. Here, you can watch the ducks, take a leisurely stroll around the area or see the sculptures.

There are several eateries in Lakeland to ponder. Nineteen61 is the ultimate dining experience for Cuban and Latin flavors. Alongside favorites like hanger steak and paella, you’ll be presented with varying vegetarian options. Alternatively, Bay Street Bistro offers European dishes as well as American classics—the sea bass and scallops are among the highlights. If you’re on a budget, take a trip to Palace Pizza for some delicious Italian treats.

Top travel tips

If you fly into Lakeland, it’s likely that you’ll arrive at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. It’s only five miles away from your destination so grab an airport shuttle or rent a private car and travel to your accommodation.

Travel to Lakeland, Florida and enjoy an exciting vacation. The stunning natural landscapes and wildlife make this a well-earned break for all the family. Book your FlipKey accommodation and get ready for an amazing trip. For sunshine, smiles and spectacular attractions, make Lakeland your next destination.