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About Montenegro

Stunningly beautiful, Montenegro is a country where mountains emerge from pristine waters to look down on walled towns that date back to the ancient Greeks. In summer, the mountains and beaches come alive with the sounds of tourists. Why not join them by booking a rental property on FlipKey?

About Montenegro

About the size of Connecticut, Montenegro has only been an independent country since 2006. Untouched during the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s by remaining loyal to Belgrade, once the war was over tiny Montenegro voted to divorce Serbia and go their own way.

With a population of just 650,000, Montenegro’s main draw is tourism, offering visitors an unspoiled coastline where you will find Venetian villas inside old walled towns. The rugged interior of the country showcases ordinary people going about their daily lives surrounded by primeval forest where bears, wolves, and lynx still roam.

The country has a colorful history. First inhabited by the Illyrians and then the ancient Greeks, by 9AD the Romans were in charge. The Republic of Venice controlled the coastal regions for 370 years constantly battling against the Ottoman Turks for control of the interior.

What to do in Montenegro

Today, Montenegro is a vacation paradise perfect for the outdoor sportsman and the history buff alike. It’s a land of warm, friendly people eager to show off their country and all it has to offer.

Climb to the top of St. John’s fortress in Kotor for the most amazing views before later chartering a yacht to sail around Kotor Bay. The romance, ambiance and living history you will find in the Old Town will just blow you away.

Attracting a million pilgrims a year, the gleaming white Ostrog Monastery sits perched on a cliff 2,952 feet above the Zeta valley. It is the most important site for Orthodox Christians in Montenegro and dates back to 1667.

If you’re an adventurer at heart, go white water rafting in the Durmitor National Park where the Tara River has created a canyon 4,265 feet deep—that’s just slightly less than the Grand Canyon in the USA!

Top travel tips for Montenegro

Beat the crowds by visiting in May when the temperature is a pleasant 56° to 72° Fahrenheit. If it is days on the beach and playing in the water you are looking for, visit in August where the daily average is 84°F.

Along the coast, try the many seafood dishes on offer and while in the mountains, stick to lamb. Avoid using large euro notes as many places don’t have change – stick with 10s and 20s and you won’t have any problems.

To get a taste of the real Montenegro, move away from the coast and visit Lake Skadar.

Montenegro is a beautiful country with plenty to see and do for the entire family, and while it has adopted the Euro as its currency, it remains inexpensive when compared to Italy or Greece.

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