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About Ponte Vedra Beach

Residing in the beautiful community of St. Johns County, Florida, Ponte Vedra Beach is an extraordinary place and one of the most stunning destinations on FlipKey.

Boasting charm, exquisite scenery and tourist attractions to satisfy all ages, this location is the perfect getaway for all the family. From the stunning beach to the tourist hotspots, Ponte Vedra Beach is your dream vacation. Browse FlipKey’s choice of vacation rentals, today.

About Ponte Vedra

Ponte Vedra Beach is well-known for its golf alongside other alluring attractions. Home to 40-foot sand dunes, white beaches and freshwater streams, this seaside resort is the epitome of an idyllic beach attraction.

If you‘re planning on visiting the area, the best time to visit is between March and November when you can enjoy the semi-tropical climate of the region. While it can get busy during this time, the hustle and bustle of the resort makes it come alive.

Ponte Vedra Beach boasts typically warm weather, and summer is when the area is at its warmest. During winter, the weather is cooler but can still feel quite pleasant. August to October is when the majority of rainfall occurs, so pack a light jacket if you’re traveling during this time.

What to do

The resort features many pursuits for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for beach sports, relaxing activities or amazing restaurants, you’ll find a wealth of attractions to keep you enthralled.

As golf is a main attraction, you’ll find several clubs in the area offering lush palm trees and scenic courses. Sawgrass Country Club and Lagoon Course at Ponte Vedra Inn are just two courses worth checking out.

If you want to see the local wildlife, head to Bird Island Park. This attraction gives you plenty of opportunities to see several species of birds. Remember to take your camera and snap plenty of pictures.

The mouth-watering food in Ponte Vedra Beach is well worth a taste. Restaurant Medure offers a fine dining experience with a menu boasting international cuisine. If you’re on a budget, head to Sierra Grille – a Mexican dining experience with tacos, burritos and salsas on the menu. Alternatively, go to the Beach Hut Café for a post-beach drink or snack and relax after a dip in the ocean.

Top Ponte Vedra Beach travel tips

Travel to Ponte Vedra Beach via Jacksonville International Airport. From here, you can catch a bus, coach or taxi to your hotel. Alternatively, it may be more cost-effective to hire a private car.

Whether you’re looking for a chilled beach vacation or attractions to occupy the family, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida is a beautiful destination. As one of the best seaside locations on FlipKey, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the picturesque views, intoxicating pursuits and warm welcome. Pick a Ponte Vedra Beach vacation rental and start planning!