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The coastal city of Rovinj was and still is an authentic, working Mediterranean fishing village. Around the port area, gulls circle on the ocean breeze and cats lounge and pace waiting for the fishermen to return with their catches. Once the fish are brought in, the fishermen spend the afternoon mending their nets in the sun the same way they have for generations.

Just off the shore, 13 emerald green islands stand between the coast of Rovinj and the rest of the Adriatic Sea. Their shorelines are rocky and beautiful and teeming with marine life. Between the mainland and the archipelago, there are many varied landscapes that make this a perfect place to hike, bike or go sea kayaking. You may also want to charter a boat with an experienced guide and take a narrated tour of the port and surrounding area.

Back on the mainland, explore the shops and museums. Visit the churches and religious landmarks in the town. And after the sun goes down, find a charming local restaurant and sample some of the freshest traditional seafood dishes you'll find anywhere.

Here are a few additional suggestions as you plan your trip:

  • Explore the port: Wander the shops and boating areas around the busy historic Port of Rovinj. Rest your feet in a caf‚ and watch the ships and waves roll in from the blue Adriatic Sea.
  • Visit the Heritage Museum: Explore the exhibits of this museum, also called Zavicajni Muzej, and learn more about the culture and history of the Croatian coast.
  • Visit the Brijuni Islands: Take a boat from the port of Rovinj and stroll through the gardens and beautiful parks of the nearby Brijuni Islands.
  • See the town landmarks: As you explore the side streets, don't miss a stop at the central town fountain. Look for the Balbi Arch that stands at the entrance to the old Venetian Quarter.
  • Visit the St. Euphemia Cathedral: Visit this important historic cathedral where prayers are offered each morning to bring the fishermen a good catch. You can also climb the old wooden staircase to the bell tower.
  • Visit the Rovinj Aquarium: The local aquarium, part of the Ruder Boskovic Institute, is a friendly, interactive place with well-maintained exhibits.

Rovinj is a perfect place to visit during any season of the year, and no matter when you schedule your trip, you'll have no trouble finding a beautiful vacation rental to stay in here. Rent a luxury condo or apartment in the heart of town, or find an elegant secluded villa in the hills overlooking the ocean. While you're visiting Rovinj, you may also want to take a short trip north to Porec or Sveti Lovric.