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About Salida

Salida, meaning "departure" in Spanish, is the perfect place to depart from reality. This small town has many things to do so you can enjoy your vacation! Start your search for vacation rentals on FlipKey to find the perfect place to stay when you visit Salida!

About Salida

Located in south-central Colorado, Salida has deep historical roots. Once a flourishing railroad depot, it suffered decline for three decades in the early 1970s.

By the 1990s, artists flocked to Salida and transformed everything, turning Salida into the town we know today.

Referred to as the "Heart of the Rockies", Salida gives off a 19th century vibe and a relaxed way of life. Salida enjoys a milder climate despite being surrounded by 14,000-foot snow-capped peaks!

Salida is not just a ski town, but also offers many recreational opportunities. With everything within walking distance, you’ll be able to enjoy mountain views and the town's rustic charm. Outdoorsy travelers will be drawn to Salida for its many outdoor activities.

This small town in Colorado will surely capture your heart with its natural beauty. Enjoy everything from just relaxing by the Arkansas river to skiing at Monarch Mountain about 20 miles west. 

What to do

Why not start by checking out Captain Zipline and Adventure Aerial Park? Ziplining isn't the only thing available! You'll also be able to enjoy short hikes and discover the geological formations of the canyon.

Head over to Arkansas River to enjoy fishing, boating, cycling and even hunting! If you don't want to exert yourself too much, then why not have a soak in the local hot springs?

Take a brewery tour, and you'll be able to try some samples of craft beer. Tap into your inner art critic and visit one of the 12 art galleries in Salida. There truly is something for everyone.

Exploring Salida can build up an appetite! Indulge yourself with the best pizza ever at Moonlight Pizza Company, and drinks at Boathouse Cantina where you can chill on the deck.

Top Salida travel tips

The nearest airports that serve Salida are Denver International, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

One of Salida's highlights is its weather. You'll be able to get away with a sweater on most days because of its mild climate.

Since 1949, the town has held an annual Kayak and Rafting White-Water Rodeo in June. Be sure to check this out if you're in town!

Another annual tradition is the turning on of Christmas lights on Tenderfoot Mountain. More than 10,000 lights turn into a massive Christmas tree overlooking the town of Salida!

This small town shouldn't fool you. This isn't just another town at the bottom of a mountain! There are many fun activities to keep you busy, but also plenty of things to do to keep you relaxed. Check out FlipKey to find a great Salida vacation rental for your next stay.