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About Surfside Beach

Come see the breathtaking birthplace of Texas. With its astonishing sunsets and miles of soft, clean sand, Surfside Beach is the perfect place for you! Enjoy the luxurious sea breeze and the peaceful serenity of this fabulous getaway. Begin planning your vacation to the Lone Star State on FlipKey, choosing from an incredible range of rental properties!

About Surfside Beach

Situated in Brazoria County on the Texas Gulf Coast, Surfside Beach is part of the Brazosport Area. This is the place where Texas was made and where the first battle of the War of Independence was fought.

To the southeast lies the Gulf of Mexico and to the southwest, the entrance to Freeport Harbor. So there's plenty of incredible museums if you fancy brushing up on your history and getting to know the area.

Texas Gulf Coast is known for dolphin and whale watching tours too, so there's plenty of unforgettable sights. The area was once known for seafarers hiding treasure, so families will have lots of fun taking their little pirates treasure hunting!

Enjoy some of the best seafood and burgers at a variety of diners. Indulge in a sunset dinner overlooking the sea at Pier 30 or grab something spicier at Isabella's Mexican Grill. A choice of seaside bars mean you can join in the nightlife too!

What to do in Surfside Beach

Soak up the sun on the gorgeous seaside. The gentle waves make this the perfect spot for some swimming and topping up your suntan.

Try your luck catching a fish at one of the popular fishing spots. Check out Surfside Jetty Park, a lovely 2 mile walk with a wonderful view and some fantastic wildlife. This area is perfect for a spot of redfish and trout fishing, so grab a rod and get stuck in!

Fancy learning to surf? The tame waters make it ideal for children and beginner surfers, but more experienced surfers won't get as much of a thrill outside of hurricane season.

Check out the Surfside Historical Museum to catch a glimpse of the Cradle of Texas. Explore a historic plantation or take a tour of a marine fish hatchery! Make sure to head over to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge or the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge to find out more about the area's animals.

Top travel tips for Surfside Beach

By car or by bike is how you want to get around. The nearest airport is in Houston, about 60 miles from the beach, so car rental is advised if you’re flying in. However, the beautiful scenery and the wonderful sea breeze make walking an enjoyable and relaxing way to get around.

If you're planning a family vacation with the kids, you'll be more than pleased with how family friendly the area is. The beach is remarkably clean, with good parking options. Dogs are more than welcome in a lot of the nearby establishments too, and the waiters always appreciate a good tip.

Come and relax in the waves! Whether you're looking for a family vacation, a sunset beach party, or to just kick back and relax in the sunshine, find your perfect seaside getaway with FlipKey.