Vacation Rentals & House Rentals in South Africa

About South Africa

At the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is a spectacularly beautiful, warm, and interesting country. Poised between the sunny shores of the Indian Ocean and the expansive Atlantic, South Africa's coastline is studded with sandy beaches with azure water. You could easily spend a week or two exploring the country's great beaches, but most people come to South Africa to check out the amazing wildlife preserves in the country's interior. For those who've always dreamt of taking a safari, South Africa's large national parks are home to buffalo, zebras, lions, and other iconic African land mammals. In the spring, whale watching is also a major activity off the cape.

In addition to its natural wonders, South Africa boasts a welcoming local culture and several interesting cities. In particular, Cape Town is a lovely place to visit. You can rub elbows with locals and enjoy some of South Africa's best food, wine, and shopping. If you'd like to blend culture and scenery, head out to the Western Cape to enjoy the region's wonderful wineries, fine dining restaurants, and gorgeous countryside.

When visiting South Africa, don't miss:

  • Kruger National Park: A massive wildlife preserve, Kruger is one of the best and most accessible places to see lions, zebras, and rhinos in Africa.
  • Table Mountain: This national park in Cape Town has beautiful vistas and surprisingly exotic wildlife.
  • Robben Island: Now a museum, this island off Cape Town was once a prison to South Africa's political leader, Nelson Mandela.
  • The Drakensberg: South Africa's highest peaks are located in this astonishingly beautiful region near the small country of Lesotho.
  • Durban: The third largest city in South Africa, the Durban area boasts beautiful beaches and close proximity to some of the country's game reserves and national parks.
  • Eastern Cape: A bit off the tourist circuit, the Eastern Cape offers charming cities like Port Elizabeth, and nature preserves like the semi-arid Karoo.

When visiting South Africa, enjoy the privacy and space of a vacation rental near the shore. If you plan to spend some time in Cape Town or Durban, consider booking a luxury apartment, condo, or villa.