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The great continent of Africa encompasses every extreme, from vast deserts to tropical jungles. Culturally rich, religiously diverse, linguistically complex, and historically interesting, Africa is a top destination for a wide range of travelers.

Africa's immense wilderness is one of its main attractions. Nature lovers can trek across towering sand dunes in the Sahara, traverse the picturesque mountains of South Africa, observe wild gorillas at Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda, or book a safari to see lions, baboons, and other big game in the Serengeti. For secluded beaches on the Indian Ocean, head to the coasts of Kenya or Tanzania. For culture and coast, plan your stay along the azure shores of the Mediterranean in Egypt or Tunisia.

Culturally, Africa is a rich country, with a long history of civilization and diverse modern traditions. For a historic tour of the continent, visit the ruins of ancient civilizations along the Nile River in Egypt. For a glimpse into some of the most unique architecture in the world, visit the stunning mud mosque of Djenne in Mali. Or, plan a trip to the wonderful souks, or markets, in Fes and Marrakech in Morocco.

Africa is an immense continent with an incredible range of places and cultures to explore. Some of the most popular destinations are:

  • Egypt: Visit the spectacular pyramids at Giza, the bustling city of Cairo, and the ruins of ancient Egyptian civilization along the Nile River.
  • Serengeti National Park: Perhaps the world's most famous national park and big game reserve, there is no place like Tanzania's vast and diverse Serengeti.
  • Madagascar: An island nation off Africa's coast, Madagascar is a wonder of unusual plants and animals, interesting culture, and gorgeous beaches.
  • Victoria Falls: Widely considered one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls is situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • South Africa: On the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is a stunning country with beautiful beaches and a warm and cosmopolitan local culture.

If you are planning to visit an African country, finding a great vacation rental can make your trip more memorable and authentic. In many cases, vacation rentals are more comfortable and spacious than hotels. For culture and shopping, seek out a luxury apartment in Cape Town, Cairo, Tunis, or Casablanca. For a relaxing sojourn, head to a beach house on the shores Mozambique or Madagascar, or find an oceanfront condo in Tanzania or Kenya.