Vacation Rentals & Villas in Turkey

About Turkey

The gateway from the West to the East, Turkey blends European culture and Arab tradition. With ample historic sites and a vibrant culture, Turkey's cities are fascinating destinations. Sprawling along the shores of the blue Bosphorus, the capital city of Istanbul is a massive metropolis with some of the most beautiful Byzantine architecture in the world. In the Old City, don't miss the Aya Sofia, the Blue Mosque, and the ornate Topkapi Palace, the former home of the Sultan. If you are interested in Turkey's wonderful craft traditions, plan a day at the covered Grand Bazaar in central Istanbul, where you can haggle with boisterous vendors of rugs, copper coffee pots, spices, and other Turkish goods.

In the summer, Turkey is popular beach destination, with miles and miles of splendid coastline. Along the Aegean Sea, ruins of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations lend an air of history to Turkey's deep blue waters and lovely pebble beaches. On the country's southern coast, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean are fringed by rocky shores and secluded coves. Travel here if you are looking to pitch your parasol on a quiet stretch of sand.

Eating is another pleasure of a Turkish vacation. With a strong Mediterranean influence, Turkey's traditional plates include kebab, seafood, flatbreads, olives, yogurt, and bean spreads. Though Turkish coffee is perhaps the country's most famous beverage, tea is actually more popular, consumed from tiny cups in bustling teahouses across the country.

Some of the best places to visit in Turkey are:

  • Istanbul: Turkey's largest city is cosmopolitan and beautiful, with a mix of architectural styles, fascinating museums, and wonderful food.
  • Kalkan: Kalkan is a charming seaside town on the Lycian coast, boasting a lovely beach, a low-key atmosphere, and Greek ruins.
  • Ephesus: On the Aegean Coast near the town of Selcuk, this ancient Greek city includes the beautiful and photogenic ruin of the Library at Celsus.
  • Cappadocia: The most famous region in Eastern Turkey is defined by its unusual volcanic structures and ruins from ancient civilizations, such as early Christian churches built in caves.
  • Antalya: The largest city on Turkey's southern coast, the lovely city of Antalya is a great jumping off point to explore the "Turkish Riviera" on the Mediterranean Sea.

A vacation rental is the best way to enjoy your trip to Turkey. If you plan to visit Istanbul, a luxury apartment or condo in Old Town will put you within walking distance of the city's major sights. For a blend of culture and relaxation, consider a beach house on the Aegean Sea or a spacious villa along the Turkish Riviera. In Antalya, a rental home will keep you close to the conveniences of the city, while offering unparalleled access to the southern beaches.