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About Middle East

Though the Middle East receives its fair share of negative publicity, this massive area of our world has been a tourism hot spot for decades, especially lately as cities improve infrastructure, security, and luxury offerings. A religious hub, and a source of much of the world’s wealth, the Middle East offers adventure, decadence, and an exotic nature as a destination.

Some of the more popular tourism spots in the Middle East are:

Tel Aviv: The most populous city in Israel also serves as its economic hub. It is a lively area with plenty of entertainment, nightlife, commerce, and culture. The “city that never stops” was actually the first Jewish city built in Israel. The central portion of Tel Aviv is known as “The White City” due to its distinct architectural style. Tel Aviv offers more than 20 museums to enjoy, the most popular being Land of Israel Museum and Tel Aviv Art Museum. In Jaffa, you’ll find the more religious area of the city with 11 monasteries, churches, and mosques. The climate might be the best part of Tel Aviv with a yearly high of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit with the weather typically being no lower than 50 degrees.

Dubai: Truly a city of luxury, Dubai is unlike anything else you’ll experience. Being near a massive desert makes Dubai always hot, with a summer temp of 104 Fahrenheit, and winter is a freezing 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth, is a landmark tourist attraction in Dubai. DUBAILAND is the entertainment center of the city that will be finished in 2020. There are over 200 man made islands in the water near Dubai, each in the shape of a world country. Fun fact: Dubai is growing so quickly that 24% of the world’s cranes are there!

Jerusalem: A holy city for three of the world's major religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—Jerusalem has a long and tumultuous history, during which it has been home to people of many nationalities and faiths. Religious tourism is the major attraction of Jerusalem, with many holy sites available for visiting. There are more than 60 museums in Jerusalem and 29 wineries. The Old City is the heart of Jerusalem, surrounded by a giant wall, and divided into four distinct quarters. The Old City is not only full of religious sites that millions visit, there are also Arab markets where you can purchase local wares. In the more western area of the city, you’ll find more traditional mall venues. Overall though, visitors come to Jerusalem to learn and experience the origins of religion, and they are not disappointed.

When traveling to the Middle East consider staying in a vacation rental to save on traditional hotel costs. With the space, privacy, and amenities you’ve come to rely on at home, a vacation rental is an ideal accommodation in the Middle East.