Vacation Rentals & Cabins in North Carolina

About North Carolina

North Carolina is a state of contrasts, from the untamed Appalachians in the west to the picturesque sandy shores and resort towns of the coast. The state is filled with natural beauty, intriguing historical sites and gets plenty of balmy sunshine. Attracting over 50 million visitors each year, North Carolina is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire continental United States.

Some of the things you may want to check out during your vacation include:

  • Charlotte: One of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Charlotte is a leading center of culture and commercialism in the American South. From world-class shopping and restaurants to major pro sports and exciting nightlife, Charlotte has it all, including the best North Carolina museums.
  • The beaches: North Carolina is home to hundreds of miles of coastline, much of which makes up one of the best networks of beaches in the United States. Rivaling the legendary shores of even Florida and California, North Carolina's coast is highlighted by the wildly popular Outer Banks. The coastal towns are perfect for those seeking romantic getaways in North Carolina.
  • Hatteras Island: Offering excellent scuba diving and the legendary Graveyard of the Atlantic shipwreck zone, Hatteras Island is the perfect place to go diving to see the sunken splendors up close or visit the local museum to learn more about the area and its colorful history.
  • Nags Head: Home to scenic sand dunes, Nags Head is the perfect place to get some rest and away from the hustle and bustle of Charlotte and the state's crowded coastal communities.
  • Ocracoke Island: Wild ponies gallop in the sun-stoked breeze in this pristine nature preserve. Scenic Ocracoke Island is home to some of the best campsites in North Carolina and wedding locations in North Carolina.

North Carolina celebrates its culinary treasures during the Lexington Barbecue Festival. Held annually in October, this gastronomic celebration is well worth planning your whole trip around.

Cabin rentals for those staying in the state's interior, beach rentals for sun worshippers and condos for visitors to Charlotte all make excellent hotel alternatives. These vacation rental options offer the comforts of home, added space and privacy, and are perfect for families, groups and couples alike.

The historic charms and spectacular beaches of South Carolina are but a short drive away, and North Carolina isn't too far from Atlanta, either. North Carolina makes a perfect base for a thorough exploration of the American South!