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This southern most peninsula of Greece is one of the oldest regions in all of Europe. With Athens sitting at the heart of Attica, this area has a wealth of history that engulfs visitors and locals alike. The modern day Athens is an intoxicating fuse of old world grace with modern day grunge that sparks a yearning for vitality. It's no wonder this area has managed to remain one of the powerhouses of Europe for years. As if the history wasn't appealing enough, the food is spectacular. In Attica, only the freshest ingredients are simmered together in recipes that have been perfected and passed down from generation to generation. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

Attica at large is dashed with tiny towns that all hold fables of their own. The town of Marathon is where the vastly outnumbered Athenians defeated the oncoming Persians. As a result, our modern day 'marathon' race is named after the town. The islands surrounding the mainland of Attica are glorious in their own right. Maintaining their old world charm, cars have not replaced donkeys on many of the islands, and the tinkering of their bells add a perfect soundtrack to the setting sun over the sparkling sea.