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About Augusta

Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is the second-oldest city of the state of Georgia and is buzzing with arts, culture and historical elements to make for a truly memorable trip. With over 250 years of history to discover, you'll never be short of things to discover. Book your property rental with FlipKey today.

About Augusta

Named after Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha who reigned between 1719-1772, Augusta's downtown area has been named as a historic district since 2004.

The city is situated along the Savannah river (approximately 150 miles east of Atlanta) and has a population of around 200,000. The very first settlement was in 1736 by James Oglethorpe, a British General. The city was an important part of the revolutionary and civil wars. Between the years of 1785-1795, Augusta served as the capital city of Georgia.

Augusta is a highly refined destination for recreation, and the moderate temperatures allow for activities such as polo and golfing. Augusta has its very own golf course, which opened in 1932, with its first tournament in 1934. The generous winter conditions mean golfing can be enjoyed all year round in this resort by locals and tourists.

What to do

Augusta is a vibrant location for culture and arts, and an art festival takes place annually. In 2017, it will run between September 15th-17th. Here you will discover an arts and crafts market and a wide range of live performances.

If you wish to discover more of the history of Augusta, be sure to visit the Augusta Museum. From 1937, it has preserved the majority of the local history for local historians and amateurs who wish to find out more.

The music and nightlife within the city is just as popular as the cultural aspects. Icons such as Lady Antebellum and James brown live here, and there are countless live music events in bars and clubs across the city.

Top travel tips

You can get access to public transport easily in Augusta, known as 'Augusta Public Transit', however the main way to get around the city is by car. It’s advisable to hire taxis rather than drive through the city, but a lot depends on personal preference. Most attractions in the downtown area are in walking distance of one another, which is beneficial if you prefer to stay central.

The temperatures within Augusta are suitable all year round, and don't get too hot or too cold during peak season. In the rare event of extreme weather, there are loads of indoor attractions to visit.

Head over to Augusta this year to discover a historic and cultural city. Whether you wish to play a game of golf or head to a bar in the evening, there's plenty to do for all interests. Book your property rental with FlipKey today.