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About Beaufort

Beaufort, South Carolina, is an idyllic small town in the south of the US. To find out why it's so popular, why not choose it as your next vacation destination?

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About Beaufort, South Carolina

Archaeological findings suggest that Native Americans were living in the area around Beaufort as early as 4,500 BC.

The Gullah—an African-American population—live in the Beaufort area and have a colorful, well-preserved culture. They still use the creole language and it’s fascinating to discover. See what you can find out about them during your stay!

People in the Beaufort area have been dining on oysters for centuries, so do try some when you visit. Fish and seafood are excellent and very fresh, given the coastal location. There are a couple of Thai restaurants if you want something more exotic than Low Country fare.

Try and visit on Memorial Day weekend, when the Gullah festival is celebrated. THis spectacular event is well worth a visit!

What to do in Beaufort

There's always something to do in Beaufort. Visit in February and go to the Beaufort International Film Festival. You can book tickets online in advance, and it’s worth doing so to avoid being disappointed.

Relax on a porch swing and people-watch in the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in historic downtown Beaufort. You can see the swing bridge open for tall-masted ships and feel the cooling breeze in summer. If you’re traveling with kids, they'll love the playground in the park.

If you enjoy walking and want to learn about Beaufort's history, go on a walking tour. If you'd rather not walk, go on a buggy or carriage tour of the historic downtown area.

Cycle, walk or run along the beautiful Spanish Moss Trail from Port Royal to Marine Air Station Beaufort. There is a lot of wildlife to see, including deer, alligators and snakes.

Why not go on a kayak tour? Not only will you see Beaufort from a completely different perspective, you’ll learn more about the area from the knowledgeable guides.

Top travel tips for Beaufort

Getting around Beaufort is easy. Most of the places of interest are in the historic downtown area. Walk, take a cab, carriage, buggy, or hire a bicycle—there are lots of ways to see the best of the area! Combine these with a guided or self-guided tour for the best experience!

Charter or rent a boat and go fishing, or just enjoy the scenery and experience.

For a romantic evening, take a cruise and dine on the river. If you take a morning cruise, catch fish and have it cleaned and cooked for you in time for supper.

For a relaxing vacation, you can't beat Beaufort, SC. There's plenty to see and do, or you can simply just chill in a park on the waterfront. Whatever you want from a vacation, you can have in Beaufort. To find the perfect rental accommodation, check out what FlipKey has to offer.