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Cayuga, New York

Famed for its amazing lakes and scenery, Cayuga is the perfect getaway if you're seeking a vacation. This county in New York has plenty of things to do for adults, kids, and teenagers! Make sure to find your Cayuga vacation rental on FlipKey for the ideal place to stay.

About Cayuga

Cayuga means "people of the wetlands" in the Iroquois language, and Cayuga takes its name from the Cayuga Indian tribe that used to inhabit the land.

Steeped in history, many historical figures called Cayuga home including Millard Fillmore the 13th President of the United States and Harriet Tubman.

Cayuga is a huge county, so you will definitely find something to do wherever you decide to visit. Stretching 65 miles long, Cayuga has an area of 700 square miles.

Cayuga wasn't established as a county by itself until 1799. It was previously a part of Albany county. As it stretches out all the way the Finger Lakes region, Cayuga is blessed with plenty of fresh water sources.

Whatever you're in Cayuga for, there is plenty to keep you occupied whether you're just here to relax and seek a new adventure.

What to do

For some outdoor fun, be sure to check out the Cayuga Village Recreational Trail. This 2.5-mile trail will give you a glimpse of Cayuga's natural beauty.

Why not take a picnic and head to Taughannock Falls State Park? You'll also be able to canoe, kayak or paddleboard. There are plenty of recreational activities available here.

Plan a trip to the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. The kids will love it, and you'll all leave more educated about birds waterfowl and other wildlife!

Geocaching is a great way to explore the Cayuga area. Check out the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway for a chance to find some hidden treasures.

Hungry? Then make sure to do the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail and enjoy the spectacular cheeses fresh on the farm.

A vacation in Cayuga isn't complete without visiting one of the many wineries. Cayuga is well known for its famous Finger Lakes wines, beers, and ciders!

Top Cayuga travel tips

There are a few airports serving Cayuga, which you'll then need to take a car from to get to Cayuga. Hancock International Airport, Greater Rochester International Airport, and Ithaca/Tompkins Regional Airport are close by.

History buffs will love Cayuga's history! A must-see is where Harriet Tubman settled after her numerous trips on the Underground Railroad!

Cayuga has a rich blend of art, history, and culture, which makes a perfect vacation spot for tourists. There's more to New York than New York City, and you'll find it all in Cayuga! Be sure to find your Cayuga vacation rental on FlipKey to find the perfect place to stay.