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About Malaysia

Famous for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking rainforests, such as Taman Negara, and the world heritage site Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia is an incredible destination.

If you’re looking to hike, take some photos or simply relax and sink into the surroundings, then this is the place for you. As one of the prime countries on FlipKey, choose Malaysia for the thrill of a lifetime.

About Malaysia

In its early history, Malaysia attracted Indian settlers who scattered around the west coast of the peninsula in and around Kedah. As time went on, a unique culture developed, along with it Hinduism and Buddhism, which has since been replaced in the area by Islam. You’ll see plenty of historical and cultural hotspots as you make your way around the country.

Malaysia can accommodate travelers all year round, however, dry and wet seasons depend on where you are in the country. We suggest visiting high season as it allows you to try lots of exciting experiences, such as scuba diving, exploring the swimming in the crystal clear waters, and high temperatures for sunbathing.

In the South West, monsoon season extends from May to September, whereas in the North East, monsoon season is typically from November to March. July to November provides sanctuary from the harder hitting rainy seasons.

What to do

This beautiful country carries many iconic sites. If you opt for the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, you'll see the renowned Petronas Towers, scraping the sky at 88 floors high. Reigning as the tallest buildings from 1998–2004, sitting on the 41st floors is the adjoining sky bridge which holds breath-taking views across the capital.

Allow yourself to travel back to the sixteenth-century with Melaka Sultanate Palace. This awe-inspiring replica, reconstructed with amazing architectural properties, will hold a lasting memory as to what only a small part of Malaysia can offer.

Malaysia offers a taste of incredible cuisine. From markets to traditional eateries, you’ll find some amazing dishes on your travels. Nancy’s Kitchen provides beautiful meat meals, while Bangsar Sunday Market is a must for fresh fruit and veg.

Top Malaysia travel tips

Malaysia offers several airports, with Penang International Airport being a popular choice. General transportation within Malaysia is by bus/minibus or taxi, and is all reasonably affordable.

But if you’re traveling during any of their national holidays, then be advised that transport facilities may not be as reliant due to heavy public pressure from Muslim festivals, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

Experience Malaysian life and treat yourself to a vacation of a lifetime with FlipKey. Whether you want to explore the culture, historical attractions or tantalizing cuisine, this stunning country offers everything you could ever imagine!