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About Matlacha

This little coastal village is filled with color and accentuates a real chilled-out vibe. Here, you'll be sure to receive a warm welcome from locals and experience a culture that thrives on having fun. Book your property rental with FlipKey today to secure your trip to Matlacha.

About Matlacha

Matlacha is in Lee County in Florida and is one of five communities within nearby Pine Island. The village links Pine Island and the mainland, and makes an ideal destination for those on the lookout for a laid-back and quiet vacation.

Here, you'll feel as though you've been transported back to another time in a fishing village setting which oozes color and is dotted with arts and culture. This destination is definitely for those looking for something quirky. Many artists reside and take trips here to find inspiration for their work, as well as entrepreneurs looking to set up new and exciting businesses.

Here you can expect to find most dishes are seafood-based, especially crab. Markets are a regular occurrence, which often sell an array of seafood from the local waters. This would make the perfect opportunity to cook up your own specialty dishes.

What to do

Surrounded by coastline, you'll always find a spot to take a paddle. However, sports such as kayaking are a popular pastime with locals and tourists. Due to the minimal traffic, Matlacha is a popular resort for hiking and biking.

Why not take a trip to one of the galleries to discover local work? Lovegrove Galleries and Gardens owned by Leoma Lovegrove features a wide selection of her own bold works. There's also the Museum of the Islands which reveals detailed information about the three islands of Matlacha, Pine Island and Pine. Here you can discover a vast collection of historical knowledge, as well as key artefacts and photos. A trip to one of these museums would be ideal if you're not much of an outdoors enthusiast or are looking for somewhere to visit on a rainy day.

The shops are unique too, and you'll most likely find items such as original artwork, sculptures and handmade gifts.

Top travel tips

To travel from one island to another, you'll need to hire a car or taxi due to the lack of public transport. Cycling is another way to get around. The island of Matlacha is extremely small, therefore is fairly easy to get about by foot too.

If you visit in July, expect to find the resort even quieter than usual, with most venues opening for limited periods of time. During the months of December to April however, the tourist industry truly comes alive and you'll experience Matlacha and the surrounding islands in full glory.

Take a trip to Matlacha this year to experience a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere. Book your rental in this cool and quirky fishing village today.