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About Port Vila

Port Vila is a picturesque location, set around a series of lagoons, beaches and offshore islands.

It’s a fairly small town, so its upbeat energy often catches visitors by surprise. The locals are incredibly welcoming, and not shy of making must-see suggestions for your vacation.

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About Port Vila

Found on the idyllic south coast of the island of Efate, Port Vila is best known as the economic and commercial center of Vanuatu. It's famous for fishing and agriculture, but its main tourism is quickly becoming its main trade.

Most people speak Bislama, but it’s just as common to hear the locals speaking in English and French. Overall, the city is multicultural and inclusive – you won’t feel out of place or unwelcome, wherever you’re from.

The climate in Port Vila is like a tropical rainforest. There are dry and wet months, so if you’re not looking to be rained on, visit in September. The wettest month is typically April so if you go then, pack an umbrella!

What to do in Port Vila

Tours, of different types, can be found in Port Vila. From full-day sightseeing shore excursions to self-audio guides, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Of course, there’s a whole range of things to explore and do on your own, such as visit the National Museum of Vanuatu or take stroll around the Vila Outdoor Market.

Culture lovers mustn’t miss a day at Ekasup Cultural Village. You’ll get to meet Futuna islanders and experience their traditional way of life in a ‘kastom’. Friday nights are an alfresco feast, with shells of kava, authentic entertainment and brilliant buffet food, so make sure you don't miss it!

Like most activities in this condensed town, it is always best to book at least a day in advance.

Popular restaurants include Jill’s Café, which serves American comforts, L’Houstalet, which offers sophisticated French cuisine and Kesorns Exotic Thai Kitchen, famed for its fragrant curries and pan-Asian dishes.

Top Port Vila travel tips

The quickest way to get around the main Island of Efate is by bus or taxi. If there’s a group of you, it may be a good idea to hire a mini bus from one of the local operators.

You can hire a quad bike for fun, but it’s not all that practical for road traffic! Save that for off-roading. Of course, walking is ideal for short distances, as it costs nothing, but arranged tours are best for destinations further afield.

Tips are highly appreciated by local workers, so do spare what you can as a small thank you gesture on your travels.

The people of Port Vila are Vanuatu’s greatest asset. Enjoy their company, taste their food and explore their landscape. Once you've found the right Port Vila vacation rental with FlipKey, you'll be coming back year after year!