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About Union Pier

Soft sandy beaches, forest trails, winery tours and fruit picking... a vacation in Union Pier is as relaxing as you want it to be. Not the outdoors type? Then visit the galleries or rummage in the quaint antique shops. Just make sure you book your FlipKey vacation rental soon before the best spots get booked up! 

About Union Pier

Set in Harbor County, a 90 square mile region north of the Indiana border, Union Pier is a former logging community. It sits between Lake Michigan and the Galien River. The town's name comes from a pier constructed specifically to ship timber by boat in the 1870s.

By the beginning of the next century, tourism replaced logging as the main economic activity. In fact, the entire Harbor County area with its beaches and quaint communities, all benefited from a temporary influx of city dwellers from Chicago and beyond during spring, summer and fall. Visitors to the region particularly appreciate the lush forests, country roads, winery trails and fruit-picking farms. Others are attracted by the art galleries, antique shops and museums.

In the past, the notorious Chicago gangster had homes in Union Pier and would regularly drink at the Lakeside Inn. Olympian Jesse Owens was also a resident.

What to do

Check out the beach and the strong surfing waves. Either go walking along the shore, or sunbathing and picnicking on the soft sand. Go right at the bottom of the stairs and take a look at the gorgeous lakeside properties, with their own private spot of beach. The public beach is below the stairs at the small parking area.

Treat yourself to an enhanced Tasting & Tour at St Julian Winery. For $25, you'll get an extended winery tour with either a cheese or chocolate pairing option. Book a week in advance to secure your place.

Cycle to the new Galien River County Park where you can go bird watching, trekking and fishing. Highlights include a 300' Canopy Walkway leading to a 60' high Marsh Overlook Tower. A 600' long Marsh Boardwalk, meanwhile, leads to the new River Viewing and Fishing Platform. Both have public access via walking trails.

Top Union Pier travel tips

Because the water at the local beach is warm it can attract many swimmers. However, it's worth remembering there are rip tides and waves strong enough to prove dangerous.

If traveling by car, then Interstate 94 will get you to Michigan and Exit 1 to Harbor Country. The nearest airport is South Bend Regional in Indiana, 32 miles from Union Pier. Get there by train from Chicago in one hour 15 minutes or by bus (two hours).

May through July are the best times to turn up at Union Pier, weather-wise. August is the wettest month and January the coldest, so take your pick!

Union Pier sounds idyllic with its mix of chilling-out beach and forestry facilities, combined with those interesting antique stores and galleries. You could definitely forget about the city here where life slows down. Book your Union Pier vacation rental with FlipKey now; they go quickly around these parts.