Vacation Rentals & Cabins in Massachusetts

About Massachusetts

Home of Plymouth Rock, the Kennedys and the Red Sox, Massachusetts is the epitome of a New England experience. With the dense wilderness, balmy beaches of Cape Cod in the southeast and the bustling metropolis of Boston on the coast, there are plenty of sights and sounds to engage visitors. Indulge in a luscious bowl of New England Clam Chowder followed by the savory flavors of a freshly caught lobster. With every season bringing something special, from the crisp, brilliant leaves of autumn to the warm summertime beaches, there's no bad time to vacation in Massachusetts.

Some of the most storied and popular regions of the state include:

  • Cape Cod: Including both the cape itself and the offshore islands, which include famous Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod is a vacation unto itself. Splendorous in summer, scenic in autumn and a joy in spring, Cape Cod is a must-see for visitors to Massachusetts.
  • Boston: One of the most historic and famed cities on the east coast and the capital, Boston is home to a world-class Museum of Fine Arts, the Harvard campus and a plethora of historical sites, beautiful streets and fascinating scenery. It's not an accident that over 16 million people visit the city each year. If you're with the family, many water parks in Massachusetts and amusement parks in Massachusetts are in the Boston area. In addition, most Massachusetts National Parks are a short drive from the city.
  • Pioneer Valley: Home to the historic counties of Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire, Pioneer Valley is the perfect place to chase down the fascinating secrets of the state's complex and lengthy history.
  • Berkshire Hills: The state's westernmost region is among its most beautiful. Some of the best camping in Massachusetts is in the Berkshire Hills area, and its quiet, out-of-the-way location greatly appeals to those seeking to slow life down a gear.
  • Provincetown: A hotspot of the arts, booming Provincetown was once a well-kept secret but is becoming a fashionable place for vacationers to visit.

During the summer and fall, both Boston and the Cape Cod area are alive with activity. It's a vibrant time of year to visit, with the beautiful beaches attracting thousands of patrons on a hot summer day and the legendary New England foliage making every turn a photo opportunity come fall.

A vacation rental is a more private, spacious and quiet alternative to getting a hotel room. Staying in a cabin is a perfect way to commune with nature if you're outside the city, and a condo or apartment rental is perfect if you're staying in the Boston area.

Explore more of New England by checking out the autumn leaves in neighboring Vermont, the rich history of New Hampshire and the colorful capital of Rhode Island, Providence. All these destinations are a short journey from Boston and offer memorable ways to round out your vacation.