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About Ao Nang

For an adventure by the ocean, head to Ao Nang. Let yourself relax by the beautiful blue ocean while sitting on the golden sands. But it’s not just a beach vacation, there’s a rich culture to discover, too. Book a vacation rental on FlipKey and find out what we mean.

About Ao Nang

Settled on the Andaman coast, Ao Nang is a vibrant part of the Krabi Province. The area’s history stretches back thousands of years – head to the limestone cliffs and caves where you’ll spot ancient cave paintings.

You’ll be welcomed with open arms here, as the locals uphold Thai traditions of courtesy and hospitality. By the end of your trip, you’ll feel like a local and will probably never want to leave!

During your stay, make sure you try the street food. Rice, noodles and curries are the favorite dishes here – most are wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed to lock in the flavor. It’s healthy and delicious—what more could you want from a street snack?

If lounging on the beach or taking part in watersports is your thing, this is the perfect spot! And if you want to explore the island a bit more, hop on a long-tailed boat for a trip around the islands. But don’t forget your camera – there are some great photo ops!

What to do in Ao Nang

The best way to discover the delights of Ao Nang and the rest of Krabi, is by strolling around without much of a plan. That way you’ll see Thai culture at its best, and maybe discover things you’d never expect.

Stretch out on the sand and let the hours slip away. Find shade under a large tree, or take a dip in the calm ocean to keep cool.

You might be offered a Thai massage on the beach – go for it! They’re the experts and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever had!

For an underwater adventure, swim or snorkel in the waters. The nearby islands of Poda and Tup are great for this, with a colorful array of marine life on display.

If you’d rather sit on top of the water, hire a kayak and explore the coves. You might even be able to find your own private beach! Alternatively, take an afternoon cruise from Ao Nang along the coastline, and make sure you stop at the Phra Nang cave – it’s beautiful.

There’s plenty for you try on dry ground, too. Hike through the hills either with a guide or alone. The trail up to Hang Mak Mountain is particularly popular, and has fantastic views from the top.

Top travel tips for Ao Nang

Get to Krabi town in a songthaew (basically, a pickup truck with seats). They run all day so you’ll always be able to get back. Taxis and tuk-tuks are also available.

Enjoy a relaxing trip to Ao Nang, relax all day and party all night at some of the oceanside bars. You can explore the islands, or just stay put – make this vacation what you want to be.

But where do you start? Booking a vacation rental with FlipKey is the first step on your journey to this fantastic destination. From luxury apartments to beachfront villas, start exploring your options, today!