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About Crestline

High up in the San Bernadino mountains lies Crestline, California. 

Here, you'll find peace and quiet, alongside plenty of outdoor opportunities. Search FlipKey for your ideal San Bernadino vacation rental. We’ve got outstanding cabins tucked away in the forest you just have to check out.

About Crestline, California

In the heart of Crestline, lies Lake Gregory—the thriving center of the city. The lake may be 'artificial' but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful. Take the Lake Drive and travel over the dam that forms the lake to see the calm waters in all their glory.

From Crestline, it's easy to take advantage of everything Lake Gregory has to offer, including the Lake Gregory Recreational Park. Here you can swim, zoom down water slides, and follow the trails that go all the way round the lake.

The warm, Mediterranean climate means this is a great place to visit pretty much all year round. And it's not too far from a number of cities if you just want to go on a day-trip.

Crestline is perfect for the outdoorsy but laid-back family vacation. See what you can find during your stay.

What to do

We suggest spending at least one day of your trip out on the water. But you really should spend a week in Crestline to make sure you’ve tried everything at least once.

It's a great spot for fishing, so make sure you bring your rod and tackle, or hire some equipment from the local shop.

You won't see power boats on Lake Gregory, but rowboats, paddle boards and water trikes are allowed. Take one out for a spin and see how it goes. Try kayaking too—it's great fun, especially on these calm waters.

Prefer on-land activities? Try one of the hiking and biking trails around the lake. There are even exercise stations as you go around if you really want to test your mettle.

If you're looking for a more relaxed vacation, lie down and soak up the sun on the shoreline. Alternatively, go shopping in the Old Town area—you could even scout out the best dining spots for the evening.

Top travel tips

The town hosts celebrations throughout the year—Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day to name but a few. Check online, or at the visitors’ center, to find out what's going on.

To get here, drive from San Benardino. It's only 20 minutes away, but with the scenic views and lush green trees, you'll feel a world away from the busy city.

For a laid-back, aquatic adventure, there's probably no place better than Crestline, California. Find your perfect vacation rental on FlipKey and let your trip of a lifetime begin!