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About Ensenada

If you’re on the lookout for an exciting commercial but cultured vacation destination, Ensenada in Baja-California, Mexico could be the perfect option for you.

The city offers a whole host of sandy beaches with a picturesque mountain backdrop, yet the city is situated in the heart of a bustling port; destined to make for a vacation of a lifetime. All you need to start this adventure is a place to stay. Search FlipKey for your ideal Ensenada home away from home!

About Ensenada

Ensenada was one of the first settlements within the Californias, which was first founded in 1804. The region gained popularity in the 1870s, when a goldmine was discovered in the Real del Castillo area.

Up until the 1940s, there wasn’t much going on within the Ensenada region. However it soon became one of the leading ports in Mexico, assisting with the deliveries of agricultural goods.

Ensenada is the third-largest city within Baja California, with tourists flocking here all year round. Tourists love visiting the region, not only for the wide range of activities and cultural surroundings, but also because of the warm welcome from friendly locals who will be sure to make your stay extra special.

If you’re one for treating yourself to a glass of wine while on your travels, you’ll be pleased to know that Ensenada is famous for its wineries – result! Here’s a fun fact for you: Ensenada actually produces over 90% of the finest Mexican wines, so you’ll definitely want to have a glass…or two!

What to do in Ensenada

Ensenada has always been a favourite with US travelers due to its stunning white, sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters and picturesque mountains.

If you’re a keen swimmer or diver, you’ll certainly wish to explore many of the family-friendly beach resorts which include Sant Miguel Beach, El Faro Beach and Estero Beach.

If you’re a shopaholic and looking to splash the cash, the region also offers many boutiques, shopping malls and stores to browse. The best locations for shopping are Avenida Lopez Mateos and Boulevard Costero, which are two streets full of quirky designer and handmade items.

If, you’re visiting the region to experience the cultural aspects, you may wish to explore the Estero beach museum, where you can gain an insight into the region’s history and other key facts on the colourful history of the city.

Travel Tips

Ensenada also accepts US currency in the main tourist areas, therefore don’t panic if you happen to run out of Mexican peso. If you’re heading a little further out into the residential areas, always make sure you have enough Mexican currency to keep you going throughout the day!

If you’re staying within the centre of Ensenada, the best way to get around is by foot, however, the transport systems within the region are extremely good for tourists. If you don’t fancy taking a hike, you can always hire a bike or scooter, or even catch the local city bus to travel around.

 There’s plenty to do and see in Ensenada, so start your vacation off on the right foot by finding your perfect FlipKey vacation rental.