Vacation Rentals & Villas in Mexico

About Mexico

Mexico is a land of warmth and hospitality, a place of beauty and challenging contradictions. Untouched natural forest, coral reefs, and white sand beaches exist next door to dizzying crowds. Noise coexists with silence, and breathtaking wilderness lies a short distance from bustling, colorful markets. There are endless things to do and see here, and the theme of your trip can vary greatly depending on where you stay. If you find a vacation rental in Mexico City, you can take a guided tour or community excursion to visit local people and learn about life and culture in Mexico. Or, if you'd like to escape from humanity, you can disappear to the quiet beaches of Cozumel. While you are here, learn more about Mexico's ancient history with a tour through Mayan ruins, or strap on a snorkel or diving tank and sink below the waves to get an up-close look at whale sharks and sea turtles. After a couple of days of eco-adventures, surfing, hiking, and museums, relax in a luxury spa or under the golden sun at one of Mexico's unforgettable white sand beaches.

Here a few additional suggestions of things to do in Mexico:

  • Go scuba diving in Cancun: See the wonders of the ocean ecosystem from below. If you're certified, you can begin your adventure immediately. If not, many outfits will offer the lessons you need to have you on your way.
  • Disappear to Passion Island: Just fifteen minutes away from Cozumel, Isla De Pasion is a secluded beach paradise, an island of luxury to call your own.
  • Go eco-touring in Cabo San Lucas: Take a guided excursion through the bioreserves around Cabo san Lucas. Go snorkeling, have an off road adventure, and see a turtle release.
  • Museums: View the breathtaking ancient pieces at the pottery museum in Guadalajara.

Whether you spend a long weekend in a luxury villa in Cabo San Lucas or rent a beautiful beachfront condo in Puerto Vallarta and stay for the entire summer, you won't run out of things to do and see in Mexico. Find a rental near the beach or get lost in the crowded markets and night life of the city's urban centers. Whatever you do and wherever you stay, the wonders of Mexico are sure to stay with you long after your visit is over.