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About Hutchinson Island

In many ways, this barrier island is much like any other coastal town. And yet, Hutchinson Island has its own character and appeal. The perfect getaway for you, there is something for everyone on this island! Look for your vacation rental on FlipKey, so you can find the perfect place to stay.

About Hutchinson Island

Hutchinson Island boasts picturesque views, miles and miles of sandy beaches and year-round beautiful weather. It's no wonder this island is a go-to place for tourists.

The land was once home to the Ais, a Native American tribe. It was a hotspot for fishing and a very relaxed way of life. James Hutchinson—from whom the island gets its name—bought the land in 1811!

The development of the island came around slowly, but the extension of route A1A brought in more construction of businesses. Since then the island has flourished and has attracted travelers of all kinds.

The island now offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including fresh water or deep sea fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, diving, snorkeling, and surfing!

Things are laid back on Hutchinson Island, so don't be in a hurry to get home! Take your time and soak in the sights this beautiful island has to offer.

What to do in Hutchinson Island

Hutchinson Island has plenty of beaches for you to relax on. Why not start your day at Bathtub Beach where you can find clear waters, soft sand beaches and the best spots for snorkeling and diving?

There is a lot of wildlife in Hutchinson Island, so make sure to head over to Indian River Lagoon where you can find manatees, over 500 species of birds, and even whales!

Not everything fun is done during the day. If you happen to be on Hutchinson Island in June or July, then stop by St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant where turtle walks are conducted.