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About Kandy

Kandy was once the capital of Sri Lanka, and is still full of grand, imposing buildings for you to explore.

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About Kandy, Sri Lanka

Hidden in the hills of the Kandy plateau, this iconic city was founded over 700 years ago. Since then, it has blossomed into one of Sri Lanka's most revered and popular cities.

There are plenty of museums within the city. Here, you can discover everything from the wonder of the original Kandyan Kingdom and King Wickramabahu, right up to modern-day Kandy, the major Sri Lankan transport hub.

Many people choose just to pass through Kandy, but they have no idea what they're missing—historical icons around every corner, exciting mountain trails and culinary delights.

Kandy is known for the Esala Perahera—an annual procession where the tooth relic of Buddha is taken through the streets on a royal tusker.

There are traditional dancers, drummers and flag bearers—it's a fantastic spectacle to behold. See if you can book your trip to coincide with it.

What to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Tea is the main trade in Kandy. So, why not go to the Ceylon Tea Museum while you're there?

You'll get to see traditional tea-processing equipment, and even get a free cup in the top-floor tearoom.

Other than tea, there is one other thing Kandy is truly famous for. It’s home to one of Sri Lanka's most important Buddhist relics – a tooth belonging to Buddha.

Visit the golden-roofed ‘Temple of the Sacred Tooth’ and explore the splendor of the area. You won't get to see the actual tooth, though, as it’s kept locked away in a golden casket.

There are plenty of other religious icons and buildings in Kandy. To make sure you see them all—and find out a bit more about them—take a guided tour around the city.

Why not spend a day surrounded by big shaded trees and enjoy a picnic by Kandy Lake? It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the lush green views.

Top travel tips for Kandy, Sri Lanka

Perhaps surprisingly, Kandy is home to grunge music pioneer Paranoid Earthling and numerous black metal bands. If you happen to be a fan, we're sure you'll be able to find a gig or two during your stay.

There are two international cricket stadiums in Kandy—that's how seriously they take it! So, why not check out a match while you're there? The local team have some of the best players in the world, so you're in for a good time.

Kandy is Sri Lanka's transportation hub. From here, you can get to almost anywhere in the country. The bus services are fantastic, while the nearby airport is a hive of tourists. An adventure is never far away in Kandy. All you need to do is look.

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