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Known as the capital of the island of Sicily, Palermo has a unique history and culture, drawing architectural, cultural, and culinary influences from nearby Spain, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. You can find plenty of locally grown foods, handmade clothes and crafts from top artists in the area at Corso Vittori Emanuelle. The beautiful coastal views found throughout the area are also a must-see for any vacation in Palermo.

Regardless of where are you on the island, you'll find plenty of cultural attractions and other things to enjoy. Be sure to make time for some of these key destinations in Palermo during your stay:

  • The Cathedral: Built almost 800 years ago, the architecture of the cathedral is Catalan influenced and hosts thousands of visitors from around the world every day.
  • Quattro Canti: This symbolic landmark separates the old center of the city from the La Martorana Church.
  • Street Markets: Piazza del Carmine and Vuccia have the best street markets in town, filled with everything from locally grown fruits and produce to high-end boutique fashions.
  • Cappella Palatina: This chapel full of mosaics and Middle Eastern influenced decorations is among the most beautiful in the world.
  • Gesu Church: Constructed almost 400 years ago, the polychrome marbles are an example of the classic Sicilian architecture that gives this city its own unique identity.

Italians love to party and enjoy life, and the wide range of festivals held year-round on the island is a perfect example of this. Observe the work of Italy's emerging artists at Il Genia di Palermo in September, buy some beautiful handcrafted items or old antiques during the huge Christmas Market in December, or watch the floats and paper mache decorations carried through the streets of Palermo during Carnevale in February.

Whether you want your vacation to be full of exploration and adventure, or a tranquil and relaxing getaway, there's a vacation rental in Palermo that can meet your every need. Pick one of the many available condos in the middle of the city and near Palermo's main historical and cultural attractions. Or, rent an elaborate villa with skyline views of downtown and the surrounding areas.

In addition to an inexpensive and effective public transportation system with buses that will take you anywhere in Palermo, the city also has high-speed buses and trains departing for the surrounding areas. Plan a day trip to the Aeolian Islands which can be reached within 90 minutes by high speed train or to the charming towns of Catania and Tranapi which are both less than two hours by bus or train.