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Sorrento, Italy has been identified as the home of The Odyssey's legendary sirens, who lured ships toward the rocky treacherous coastline with their beautiful singing. Thousands of years later, Sorrento still warmly welcomes visitors, though it is one of the few popular hubs along the coast of southern Italy with no beach. The attractions of Sorrento lie inland instead, in the jagged mountains, the rolling vineyards, and the archeological spectacle left behind by the ancient eruption of Mount Vesuvius and consequent burial of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Visitors come here to be swept away by the Italian hospitality of Sorrento, the beautiful ocean views, and the Island of Capri just a short distance off the coast.

Here are a few suggestions of things to do in Sorrento:

  • Take a guided tour of the Amalfi Coast: An Amalfi Coast trip usually includes visits to nearby Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello.
  • Visit the ancient ruined city of Pompeii: Buried by the ash and volcanic mud of erupting Mount Vesuvius, the city of Pompeii has been uncovered by archeologists in recent decades.
  • Visit Herculaneum: Take a trip to this ancient city and learn about one of the most fascinating archeological stories ever unearthed.
  • Take an Italian cooking class: Sign up for a cooking class with chefs who are more than willing to share some of their delicious secrets.
  • Stroll through the galleries of the Correale di Terranova: This is one of Sorrento's most beautiful art museums.
  • Enjoy Sorrento's night life: The wine bars, the live music, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of many of Sorrento's most popular night spots should certainly not be missed.

It's surprisingly easy to find a vacation rental in Sorrento even during the height of the tourism season. For your stay, book a conveniently located apartment or condo in the city or a beautiful villa further inland, toward the mountains; you won't be disappointed! In fact, you may just find yourself coming back year after year as many other travelers do to visit your favorite unchanging restaurants, feel the ocean breeze, and watch the sailboats leaving the coast of Capri.