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About Steinhatchee

Florida is typically known for its bustling atmosphere, however the small town of Steinhatchee is quite the opposite. This little resort is a remote coastal community with Spanish influences. It’s the ideal place to visit for a relaxing break away. Book your Steinhatchee vacation rental with FlipKey today.

About Steinhatchee

Steinhatchee is located on the banks of the Steinhatchee river and is known as 'Florida's best-kept secret'. With just over 1,200 residents, this little fishing village moves much slower than other areas within the state of Florida. Visiting here is a bit like traveling back in time, so you'll feel a million miles away from the fast pace of everyday life, with the opportunity to experience a new simplicity.

Since the 19th century, the village has kept up its maritime heritage and locals still work mainly in fishing, crabbing scalloping and forestry. The river and gulf waters around Steinhatchee are alive with scallops and crabs and it's not, unusual to spot the likes of alligators and panthers on land. The scalloping season runs from June 16th to September 10th, which is an exciting time to visit for those interested in fishing and the marine heritage.

What to do

Expect to spend a great deal of time outdoors in Steinhatchee, as most activities are ideal for those who wish to spend their time around in the fresh air and around nature. Favorites in the village include getting up close and personal with local wildlife and horseback riding.


Steinhatchee Falls is another great location to visit, situated just out of the village and north of the river. On hot days during the spring and summer months, this area is packed with swimmers and picnickers.


Walkers and bikers may also enjoy the trails along the river, which is an ideal way of seeing the full picture of this pretty village. The river is also lined with classic Victorian homes, which makes for a pretty backdrop. It’s the perfect place to stroll around, to those who admire architecture and history.

Top travel tips

To get around Steinhatchee, you won't need a car due to the small scale of the village. You can walk or bike everywhere to see the local sights or take part in any activities which are happening within the area.

Visit one of Florida's lesser-known destinations and experience the true beauty of Steinhatchee for yourself. Here, you'll be surrounded by an abundance of wildlife, with plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained. With FlipKey, you can book your property rental with ease. Find rentals in Steinhatchee today!