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About Temecula

Temecula is in California wine country, so a trip to a vineyard and the wineries is highly recommended. Play golf, visit a spa and eat at award-winning restaurants. See the Old Town with its elegant, old-world charm. If you have kids, they'll love the Alpaca Hacienda.

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About Temecula

The first humans in the area were the Temecula Indians, who named the area 'place of the sun'. There’s some evidence that suggests that they were in the area as far back as 900 A.D. The first European in the area arrived in 1797. He was a Franciscan named Juan Norberto de Santiago.

Spanish colonists were the first to plant vines in the area, and their wine-making skills were later adopted by the English, French and Italian settlers who arrived later.

Temecula has a thriving arts and culture scene, so there's always something going on. Take a look at their website, or head to the visitor's center to find out what's happening during your stay.

Take your pick of the cuisines on offer, there's Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Mediterranean dishes to try, as well as American, of course.

There's so much to do in Temecula that you'll have to make some difficult decisions if you are only in town for a weekend. If beer is more your thing than wine, you won't be disappointed! There are several local breweries to spend some time at in the evenings.

What to do

Of course, if you are in wine country, you should visit at least one vineyard and winery to sample the wonderful Californian wines. There are many tours that you can take. Check them out online and then book one that is perfect for you.

If you have kids, book a tour of the Alpaca Hacienda and learn about these fascinating animals and their history.

If your kids like ducks, take them to the Temecula Duck Pond Park with some bread to feed them with. You may not want to spend much time there, but the friendly ducks keep the kids occupied for a while.

Wander through the streets of the Old Town Temecula and get a whiff of history. There are charming shops, restaurants and pubs to keep you occupied all day.

Take a trip in a hot air balloon to get a bird's eye view of Temecula and its surroundings. You'll even get a champagne meal in the air!

Top Temecula travel tips

Temecula has almost no public transportation services, although there are some buses. You can rent a car there if you don't drive to the area.

Taxis charge for waiting. So, the best way of going to the vineyards and wineries is to book a tour in advance if you don't have a vehicle.

If you take your dog on vacation with you, the best place for a walk is Oak Mountain Winery.

Spring is a good time to visit the Temecula valley for fine tasting. as the first weekend in March is the World of Wine Weekend. Buy a “passport” which will give you access to all 35 wineries over the weekend.

If you love wine and/or beer, you'll be in heaven in Temecula. Don't miss the opportunity to stroll around the Old Town. The scenery around Temecula is wonderful and you'll have a very relaxing vacation. Why not check out FlipKey's vacation rentals in Temecula? There will certainly be at least one that suits you.