Best. Vacation Rental Site. Ever. (FlipKey Reviewed)

From: Susan Lusk

To: FlipKey

Subject: Success!


I want to tell you how very pleased I've been with almost everything about Flipkey. The success rate of bookings to inquiries has far exceeded my expectations and my experiences with all other vacation rental sites. I am very impressed with Flipkey's ease of use both for the vacation seeker and the property owner. For the shopper, all the info about a property is clearly shown and organized, each page is attractive and uncluttered, easy to navigate to whatever the client needs to make a decision.

For me, the owner, entering info was less painful than most other sites-- very straightforward, well thought out, no glitches in uploading pics or other frustrating bugs. It's been a pleasure to be subscribed to Flipkey-- I'm SOLD! And I have been strenuously recommending your site to other homeowner friends looking for better success with their rentals.

I've had some trouble accessing my site recently while traveling and have to say customer service has been terrifically responsive in trying to help. In the end I think it was issues with the computer I was using, but I commend your customer service. Congratulations on getting it right, Flipkey!

Kind regards,
Susan Lusk


  1. Thanks for this article! I enjoying reading this article I will come back often. Many vacation rentals owners love to help other people while earning money. Keep it up!

  2. I have been a customer of several rental sites for the past 10 years. We own or manger 31 properties. Flip Key is one of the best. I am not renewing with Home Away because their customer service department is a joke. I have found I get more inquiries for less money by using Flip Key and other smaller sites.

  3. Can't believe I have only just found your site, am glad I found it, lots of good content here. I just added you to my bookmarks so I will be back again. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the the coming months.

  4. Hi Annie - I just want to let you know that we are listening to your feedback, and I am glad to hear that you are pleased with the service overall.

    I do want to clarify one point: the email addresses that you submit to solicit reviews do not get stored in any "system" for uses outside the review process. All the email addresses we receive are kept secure, and your guests will never receive any other email from us unless they opt in themselves. We respect the privacy of your guests, and we understand the importance of trust between owners and renters.

    Happy Bookings!

  5. As an innkeeper listed on the Flipkey website, I love everything about it except for the way they want you to gather reviews. You provide the guest's email address, which goes into a system that sends this person impersonal emails that purport to be from you, the innkeeper, but of course they're really from Flipkey. These emails have a rather demanding tone - not respectful or friendly. (it actually was offensive - I practically lost a repeat customer!) And it's obvious that "the system" now has that email address, without permission.

    I understand Flipkey is developing an alternate process, wherein the innkeeper can directly send a personal email inviting a review and pointing to a specific form that the guest can fill out. For me, with just one unit, a private cottage with as much (or as little) personal service as the guest desires, this is a much better way to go about soliciting reviews.

    Until Flipkey starts offering this alternate process, I will not try to get any more reviews posted for my cottage. So I hope they'll let me know when that happens.

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