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Bellagio was once a small village perched on the side of a hill in the Lombardy region of Italy. Now the metropolitan areas of Bellagio and Bellagio City have grown to cover the peninsula that extends out over the water between the two arms of Lake Como.

Like much of Italy, Lombardy is known for its picturesque pastoral landscapes and beautiful hillside vineyards. But Lombardy offers a specific appeal to travelers because of its magnificent traditional gardens. The sprawling, elegant, and typically neoclassical gardens of the areas around Bellagio attract visitors from all over the world every year, especially those who appreciate beautiful design and the art of cultivation.

Come here to relax and immerse yourself in the history, cuisine and cultural traditions of this breath taking part of Italy. Experience the bustle and color of downtown Bellagio and enjoy its energetic and elegant nightlife. Then plan an excursion and escape into the peaceful gardens and hilly vineyard areas around Lake Como. All the while, stop and savor the moments you experience here, from the flavors of rare artisanal cheeses and regional wines to the view of a magnificent sunset over the mountains.

Here are a few additional suggestions for your trip:

  • Experience La Punta Spartivento: Visit this lovely tranquil park on the shores of Lake Como. The Swiss Alps rise up in the distance and reflect perfectly on the mirror surface of the water.
  • Visit local shops: Leather, silk and cheese shops in this area are often owned and run by local artisans. In some cases, the proprietors have been applying their crafts for generations.
  • Visit the gardens of the Melzi Villa: Built in 1808 for one of Napolean's dukes, this elegant neo-classical villa has been restored and its gardens have been brought back to life. This is one of Lombardy's most enchanting architectural sites.
  • Take an Italian cooking class: Once you've sampled the unique traditional flavors of the Lombardy region, you may want to take a course and learn how to reproduce these culinary treasures on your own.
  • Go row boating: Rent a boat and glide out on the water. This is just one of many fun ways to experience the lake.
  • Visit the St. James Cathedral: This structure is a classic example of the Romanesque churches of Lombardy.

You'll have no trouble finding a place to stay in Bellagio City. Vacation rental options are widely available during any season of the year here. Rent a sleek cosmopolitan condo in the heart of the city or a terraced villa with magnificent views of the lake and the distant mountains.