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About Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies, Alberta

Welcome to the Canadian Rockies! This inspiring wilderness is the ideal region for travelers looking for the most thrilling experiences Canada has to offer. It’s an exhilarating destination for wildlife enthusiasts, a wild ride for winter sports fans, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for lovers of natural beauty. 

Whether you want to rent a remote log cabin in Canmore or a ski lodge in Jasper, on FlipKey there’s a rental to make your visit to the Canadian Rockies unforgettable. Here’s more to get you excited about visiting this incredible landscape…

The perfect place to reconnect with nature

The Canadian Rockies are mostly located in Alberta, a region with more than 600 lakes nestling between snow-capped mountains. This rugged terrain is home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural sights, from vividly blue glaciers and thundering cascades to lush meadows and dense forests. 

National Parks aplenty...

Given the breathtaking scenery in the Canadian Rockies, you’ll perhaps not be surprised to learn that it’s home to five National Parks – Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, and Waterton. Banff is the oldest – declared a National Park in 1885 – while Jasper is home to Lake Louise and the famously accessible Athabasca glacier. In Yoho National Park you’ll find the towering Takakkaw Falls, and the lakes in Waterton are the deepest in the whole of the Canadian Rockies.

Wonderful wildlife

From prairie to peak, there are thousands of species for you to encounter in the Canadian Rockies. For your best chance to see the iconic grizzly bear, be sure to book an explorer’s tour of the beautiful Banff National Park – the thick alpine forest and rocky terrain suit the majestic creatures perfectly. 

Grizzly bears can also be found in Jasper National Park, where you may also catch a glimpse of cute hoary marmots, prickly porcupines, moose, mule deer and the classic Canadian symbol, the woodland caribou. You might even be lucky enough to spot wolverines, cougars and lynx. The Canadian Rockies really are heaven for lovers of wildlife.

Extreme sports central

Canada is blessed with some of the most spectacular snow trails and picturesque pistes in the entire world, with fresh falls of the white stuff calling skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities. Both Jasper and Edmonton, the region’s capital, are former Winter Olympic venues. So if you’re a winter sports, you can enjoy every single second of your time on the slopes with world-class facilities on offer.

If skiing and snowboarding are too mainstream for you, then take it to extremes with a white water rafting experience down Kicking Horse River. If you prefer to stay dry, then high-altitude pursuits like mountaineering or hiking are catered for virtually everywhere. From Parker Ridge Trail in Banff to the Plain of Six Glaciers in Lake Louise, there’s no shortage of trails to choose from and they’re all breathtaking--in every sense of the word!

So if you’re thinking of making the trip to this awesome part of the world, don’t delay – with a FlipKey rental as your base, you’ll feel at home as soon as you arrive.